Doodle Diaries For Your Uniqueness

What did you do in the few lectures that you attended in college where sleep was hard to come by? Doodle, right? Well, Doodle – Make Your Own Diaries lets you put all that back-page artistry right on the cover. They have such a huge collection of diaries and notebooks in so many colours and designs, that it will make your head spin!
Some of us are globe-trotting wanderlusters, some are sports-keedas, for some music is their oxygen, while for others shopping for all things pretty is a form of cardio. Doodle covers all these themes and more! Putting pen to paper is a lost form of art. But let’s bring it back, shall we? Because no matter how techno-savvy we get, the joy of finding those precious feelings written on paper in a very uniquely personal handwriting is incomparable.
To lift fog on the details, Doodle was started as a venture because while there are ample and huge and mammoth and literally gigantic proportions of varieties when it comes to gifting and receiving sunglasses, shoes, clothes or bags, there’s hardly anything out there for those interested in pen and paper. And let’s admit it, we’ve all exhausted these other, more regular forms of gifting.
Once you browse through their collection, you’ll be glad to know that they ship for free all over India. Apart from choosing which colour should go with the theme you want, you can also personalize it by inscribing a name on the cover. COD facility isn’t available for bulk orders, so keep that in mind before you proceed to fill your cart with multiple Doodle diaries! To buy your favourite Doodle from, click here. You can also get in touch with them by calling on 022 40793333 or by writing to them at
So get or gift a Doodle today and watch people spill their personalities on paper!
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