Doorbell Pharmacy, Your New Health Reminder

“Hello, it’s time to fill up on your medicine supply, should we get it to you?” We suppose you’ve never got a call from your chemist saying that. Now you might, with the launch of a new retail chain of medical shops called Doorbell Pharmacy in Mumbai. A one-of-its-kind service that is so convenient (and important) for frequent reminders when it comes to taking your medication on time. Older people would totally approve!
Since everything from fashion to food is going virtual, why leave your important pills behind? This pharmacy service is a one-stop shop for all your dietary, personal, baby and pet needs. With over 8,000 different medicines in stock, you are sure to get what you need.
Here’s how it works – sign up with them online or through your phone for a free Intelligent Subscription Service, give them your medical details that your family takes on a regular basis and you will receive a call every month from their pharmacist confirming your order and time of delivery. Once you’ve placed your order, it will reach your doorstep at a 7% discount within 24 hours and you can pay cash on delivery or use your credit card on their portable credit card machines.
Each order is signed and stamped by their qualified in-house pharmacist to ensure you receive genuine products. You don’t even have to call them every time, if you’ve subscribed to them once, they won’t forget to refill your supply every month or fortnightly.
Doorbell Pharmacy currently provides free home delivery for orders over Rs. 500 anywhere in Mumbai. Any order below that amount will be charged a delivery fee of Rs. 30. You can call them on 022 65961111 for subscriptions or send a mail to for any queries.
Time to bid adieu to your local chemist?
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