Twice The Fun: Why We Adore The Double-Sided Earrings Trend

As a stylish woman you know that no look is complete without earrings, whether it is studs or statement ear jewellery. And to indulge you further, we present a hot trend right off the Hollywood red carpet—the double-sided earring.

With embellishments both in the front and the back of the earring, this is the season’s must-have. Celebrities such as Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie have been spotted wearing these earrings. Get your hands on them, now!

Double Sided Earring

Style Tips
The double earring, whether big or small is a statement accessory in itself, so avoid pairing it with chunky neckpieces or quirky head jewellery. If you do want to experiment, go for minimal jewellery along with these earpieces. Opt for open-neck tops or dresses so that you can flaunt your brand-new purchase in style.

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Check out these funky and pretty double-sided earrings, and get one for your jewellery collection today!

Double Sided Earring

1. Cool Hook Earrings: Rs 560, 2. Style Like A Dragon Earring: Rs 385, 3. Silver String & Stone Earrings: Rs 199, 4. Heart Shape Design Earrings: Rs 1,000, 5. Dainty Dual Earrings: Rs 469, 6. Bundles Of Joy Black Earrings: Rs 499 (also in white), 7. Diamond Studded Hoop Earrings: Rs 239, 8. Skull Ear Stud: Rs 299

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