Skincare Expert Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra Suggests 5 Ways To Care For Your Skin In Flight

Whether you’re a businesswoman travelling on a regular basis or are simply heading on a vacation, flight is the most convenient option out there. However, it does have its cons and your skin bears the brunt of it.

From jet leg to sudden pressure changes and harsh air-conditioning, your skin can be seriously damaged or look aged if you don’t take care. We spoke with Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, founder of Skin Alive Clinic, to give us some skincare tips for flight travel.

Care for Your Skin During Air Travel

 1. Water
“Cabin air reduces humidity to 10 percent to 20 percent, leading to dryness in the mouth, throat, eyes and skin. It is easy to get dehydrated while soaring high in the air, which is why pure water is an elixir for the skin,” says Dr Chhabra. Lack of water intake can also leave you tired and more prone to jet lag. Stay away from alcohol as far as possible and drink lots of water or fruit juice in flight (a glass or two per hour should work just fine).

2. Moisturise Your Face
To avoid stressed and dull-looking skin while arriving for your meeting or vacation, use an intense moisturiser an hour before you board the flight and when you land. Continue using a lotion or cream regularly for a few days after the flight. During the flight, ensure that you use moisturiser once every four to five hours, depending on your skin type. Dr Chhabra recommends the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing and Intensive Moisture Balance moisturisers (buy here) and the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser (buy here). The Dr Obagi Vit C serum (buy here) is an antioxidant that keeps the skin supple and bright.

3. Hydration For Hands and Feet
“Improper hydration of the body and skin during long-haul flights can make your hands and feet appear like they have aged 10 years. Apply deep moisturising and hydrating creams after the flight to reverse the skin dryness,” says Dr Chhabra. Venusia (buy here) and Evion (buy here) creams are great options.

4. Protection For Your Skin
Once you tackle dry skin, it is time to protect it. Says Dr Chhabra, “The concentration of harmful ultraviolet rays is greater at an altitude than on the ground. This can lead to skin damage of several varieties, ranging from premature ageing and wrinkles to skin cancer.” She suggests you wear your regular sunscreen before you board the flight.

5. Dry/Puffy Eyes
Your eyes will show signs of travel fatigue even when your skin feels fresh. Dr Chhabra recommends wearing glasses instead of lenses and using hydrating eye drops prescribed by your doctor. Ensure that you carry your eye cream and apply it before, during and after the flight.

So go ahead—look beautiful on your travels. Bon voyage!

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