Dress Androgynous, Look Feminine

Androgynous dressing

Androgynous fashion means having both feminine and masculine traits in your dressing. Oh, don’t worry we’re not referring to a strange drag-like trend, we’re talking about the style quotient of celebrities. If you’re one of the boys or simply want to follow the likes of Anne Hathaway or Leighton Meester, without looking like a strange teenage boy. Then we show you how to dress like a man, and still have your sexy touch. And we all know how much the other gender loves it!

Androgynous dressing

Here are a few must-haves for your closet if you want to look chic in androgynous dressing.

Shirts and Tees

Start off with getting unisex or larger sized tees and formal box fit shirts. These will make you look casual, trendy yet unique. However, ensure that you pick prints that are slightly feminine to keep up with your girly look. Check out a few tees and shirts that will look just right.

Androgynous dressing

Sleeveless Tee: Rs 1,800, Dexter Tee: Rs 444, Sheldon TBBT Tee: Rs 500

Androgynous dressing

Plaid Shirt: Rs 2,100, Printed Shirt: Rs 1,495, Black Shirt: Rs 1,495

Pants and Jumpsuits

If you’re one of the boys, then you need to pick the right kind of pants that would complement your curves, while still looking comfy and tough. You can try jumpsuits and friendly overalls with messy hair to be oh-so-desirable!

Androgynous dressing

 Aztec Shorts: Rs 999, B&W Jumpsuit: Rs 6,500, Striped Pants: Rs 999, Black Jumpsuit: Rs 1,399

Blazers and Jackets

We know how essential the classic black jacket is for your wardrobe. Well, when it comes to androgynous dressing too you can opt for boyfriend blazers, athletic jackets and pullovers. Take a look:

Androgynous dressing

Sporty Jacket: Rs 2,500, Black Blazer: Rs 2,800, Pullover Black: Rs 1,295


Out go the tiny clutches that store only makeup, get in with chunky bags that combine fashion and functionality. Carry them in funky colours.

Androgynous dressing

Pyramid Bag: Rs 2,400, Sling Bag: Rs 995, Backpack: Rs 895


Accessories complete almost any outfit. In case of tomboyish dressing, opt for quirky, unisex accessories like bowties, formal loafers and more. Check out celebs sporting unisex accessories.

Androgynous dressing

Bow Tie: Rs 1,690, Shoes: Rs 2,000, Watch: Rs 4,500, Tie: Rs 325, Belt: Rs 399

Pro tip: If you’re heading for a fun event, don a classic black hat with your pant suit and see the magic.

Androgynous dressing

 Black Hat: Rs 799

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Images courtesy: fabsugar.co.uk, takealittlepeek.files.wordpress.com

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