Très Chic! How To Dress Like A Parisian Fashionista

Be it wine or women, the world envies the French. Do you adore the minimalist, sophisticated charm a French woman exudes? Do you envy their beauty and crisp attitude? Whether you’re taking a trip to Paris or simply in love with the Parisian style, here’s how you can pull it off with similar elan.

1) Colors de Paris

When picking your ensemble for your Parisian wardrobe, make sure you keep the color code in mind. French women are essentially slim and detest visibility of cellulite. Hence, the colors they use are the ones that make you look slimmer-black, grey, white, navy blue as well as champagne shades.

2) Crisp White Shirt

crisp white shirt

Although it is the most loved piece of clothing all over the world, in Paris it is a staple. A rich looking, well styled loose white shirt will instantly take you to the french folks’ list of favorites.

3) Jacket

Jacket Parisian Style

Make sure you stuff your rack of clothes or suitcase (in case you are travelling) with jackets of all kinds-blazers, cropped jackets, bomber jackets, trench coats. Every Parisian woman has at least one of each type.

4) The Basics

LBD or shift dress

French style is very minimalist and basic. All you need is a high quality pair of denims, an elegant LBD and a few oversized jumpers. Just keep in mind, Parisian women do not believe in wearing tight fitted clothing. So ditch your bodycon for a shift and your figure-hugging tee for a silk blouse.

5) Sunglasses


We aren’t speaking of those funky sunglasses you wear on the beaches of Goa. We are talking about the classiest sunnies you will ever get your hands on. No aviators, think dark, thick framed glasses that cannot give away what your eyes could possibly be saying.

6) Scarves


It is summer and scarves are not only trendy but also vital. As you step out in the sun, with your sunglasses on, add a scarf for the extra protection. French women would never step out in the sun without sunglasses, scarf and tons of sunscreen.

7) The Fedora Hat


Own atleast one of these. Period.

9) Hair & Make up

hair makeup

Less is more and Parisian women would vouch for it. Natural beauty is appreciated and just enhancing it a notch with the necessary grooming is what these belles prefer. Style your hair and then un-style it. Unkempt hair looks sexy. Also, makeup shouldn’t be loud. Mild foundation (or just primer), a stroke or two of eyeliner and subtle lips for the day and bold red for the night.

At the end of the day, stay fit and step out holding your head up high, gazing at the world directly into their eyes. Parisian is not just a way of dressing, it’s a way of living.

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