Drinks Glossary: Know Your Glasses As Well As Your Cocktails

This one is for all you drinkers out there. As much as you love your alcohol, the presentation is what makes you want to take the first sip. Matching glasses with drinks is the first step towards creating the perfect drink, because can you imagine sipping that lovely red wine through a shot glass? Didn’t think so.

Martini Glass

martini glass

God knows you love your martini. But ever wondered why it tastes as good as it does? The long-stemmed glass is used so that the hand does not warm the drink, since the drink contains no ice. The ingredients tend to meld in the narrow bottom, leaving the wide top open for that gorgeous aroma.

Wine Goblet

wine goblet

When you think of red wine, you think of a long-stemmed, broad-bowled glass. Again, the stem keeps the hand away from the bowl, maintaining the temperature. The bowl helps you swirl the contents around without spilling them, simultaneously giving way for its aroma to waft out. The open mouth helps you stick your nose in while drinking, so you are hit with the smell first.
Tip: There are numerous variations for wine glasses depending on the type of wine, but keep it simple if you’re confused. Use narrower glasses for white wine and wider ones for red.

Champagne Flute

champagne flute

What is your Champagne if not fizzy? The flute bodes well with Champagne and sparkling wines, the concept being to keep the drink as bubbly as possible. The narrow design minimises exposure to air, and makes the bubbles last longer.

Rocks Glass

rocks glass

The Old Fashioned glass as it’s also called is what you’d expect when you order a drink ‘on the rocks’. When you want your whisky sloshed straight over a mound of ice, this is the glass you pick. The wide design allows swivelling of drinks, accommodates ice and even gives out the aroma.

Highball Glass

highball glass

The all-in-one Highball Glass is the hero of the cocktail world. Any type of concoction can be served in the Highball, mainly because of its simple design.

Margarita Glass

margarita glass

The double bowl of the margarita coupette has been designed to suit the unique variations to this drink. The wide salt- or sugar-covered rim allows for slices of lemon or fruit.

Hurricane Glass

hurricane glass

When you’re at the beach sipping on your creamy cocktail, it’s the hurricane glass that you’re holding. Named after the hurricane lamp, this not-so-popular glass is shaped like a pear, and is preferred for frozen and blended cocktails like pina coladas.

Beer Glass

beer glasses(L-R) Pint Glass, Beer Mug and Pilsner Glass

Beer glasses range from pints to pilsners to mugs. The height and thickness differs from light beers to strong ones, with each of them allowing freedom to mix beer drinks.

Shot Glass

shot glass

It’s the smallest glass in the bar. Intended for drinks that can be finished in one mouthful, the shot glass is made of thick glass. This is to prevent it from breaking when the drinker slams the glass down on the table after a hearty round of shots!

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