Which Earrings Are Right For You?

Earrings are the perfect items to round off your stylish look. And while you may be putting great thought into dressing for your body type, it is also essential that you spare some thought for the right earrings for your face cut. You might have set your heart on those heavy chandeliers, but do they really suit you? We tell you what kind of earrings will look best on you.

If You Have A Round Face… Go For Angular Earrings

Your Celeb Match: Selena Gomez

If your face is as wide as it is long, then you have a round face. And since you need to add an angle to your face, you must opt for angular earrings. Geometric shapes, pyramids and drop earrings will all work wonders for this kind of face cut.

Round Face Selena Gomez angular earrings

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If You Have A Square Face… Go For Tear Drops

Your Celeb Match: Kareena Kapoor Khan

If your forehead and jawline are the same, you should wear circular or tear drop earrings. Avoid sharp cuts and angular earrings.


Square Face Kareena Kapoor Khan tear drop earrings

Set In Stone Drop Earrings Gold Buy here for Rs. 799; In The Loop- Two Way Earrings Gold Buy here for Rs. 349

If You Have An Oval Face… Go For Danglers, Hoops, Chandeliers

Your Celeb Match: Jessica Alba

A narrow forehead and a narrow chin—this is close to perfection. You can wear almost any style of earrings—danglers, hoops, chandeliers and studs will all work wonderfully for you. Just avoid long earrings as they can further elongate your naturally long face.


Oval Face Jessica Alba earrings

Paws And Purrs Stud Earrings Black And Gold Buy here for Rs. 249;  Feather Or Not Drop Earrings Cobalt Blue Buy here for Rs. 349

If You Have A Heart-Shaped Face… Go For Triangular Designs

Your Celeb Match: Reese Witherspoon

If your forehead is wider than your chin, pick earrings that are narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Wear triangular, oval and circular shapes as long as their bottoms are wide. You can also go for danglers and earrings with accentuated bottoms. Heart-shaped earrings are a strict no-no for you.

Heart Shaped Face Reese Witherspoon earrings

Party Poppers Drop Earrings Multicolored Buy here for Rs. 499; Snake Charmer Drop Earrings Gold Buy here for Rs. 399

If You Have A Diamond-Shaped Face… Go For Wide Earrings

Your Celeb Match: Rihanna

Do you have a narrow forehead and chin with comparatively wider cheekbones? Then you must wear studs, wide or short earrings. Avoid long earrings, they won’t flatter your face.

Diamond shaped face Rihanna wide earrings

Dainty Hanger Stud Tops- Pearls And Rustic Gold Buy here for Rs. 225; Crystal Embellished Earrings Disc Shaped Design Buy here for Rs. 900

If You Have A Rectangular Face… Go For Short, Circular Earrings

Your Celeb Match: Katrina Kaif

If you have a long face, with equal forehead and jawline, opt for shorter, circular earrings. Since your face is already long, wearing long earrings will only make it lengthier.

Rectangular face Katrina Kaif earrings

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