Earthen Me Jazz Jute Tote  Bag Sold Out

Earthen Me Jazz Jute Tote Bag

Brand: Earthen Me
Price: Rs. 799
This casual and good looking bag is from the latest Autumn Winter Collection - Music from Earthen Me. This jute bag is inspired by Jazz music. Jazz is a music genre originated at the beginning of 20th century within the African-American communities of the USA. In India, it originated in the 1920s in Bombay, where African-American jazz musicians performed, which inspired Goan musicians who then imbibed jazz into the sounds of India’s Hindi film music industry. The era from 1930s to the 1050s is known as the golden age of Jazz in India. The bag is a must have for your college, casual outing or to gift it to someone special. The bag has ample space to keep all your essentials in style and is sure to catch attention. The color of the bag is such that it goes with all your outfits with ease. This bag is made from Jute, one of the strongest natural plant fibre. Jute is carbon dioxide neutral and 100% bio-degradable, thus making your bag an extremely eco-friendly product. It is also known as the Golden Fibre, and jute bags are longer lasting, reusable and have a high tensile strength. Go green - good on you, good on earth."

Material Jute