Easy DIYs For Boho Hair

Boho hair is relaxed, care-free and ultra chic. They work for a casual day as well as to add a stylish spin to a night out. We tell you 2 super simple ways to achieve a dreamy, free-spirited vibe with two easy DIYs for Boho hair.

1. Boho Waves

Beach waves

Step 1: First use a stylish serum to protect your hair from heat.

Step 2: Create horizontal sections in your hair, beginning with one behind the middle of your ear straight to the other ear.

Step 3: Take a thin curling iron or tong and wrap sections of different sizes around it with it pointing vertically towards the ground. Leave your ends out for a more natural look.

Step 4: Let each section heat for about 15 seconds before on to the next section. Make sure to wind your sections in different directions around the curling iron so it doesn’t look very structured.

Step 5: Continue all around the head and spritz some hairspray on.

Spray 6: Comb through your curls with your fingers and softly pull at them so they don’t look like ringlets but like soft, tousled waves.

Forget about neatness, the key to this style is messy and dishevelled hair.


2. Boho Braid

Blake Lively

Step 1: It’s best to try it a day after you have washed your hair for more texture to hold it longer.

Step 2: Brush out your and ensure it is tangle-free. Apply a styling product to minimize frizz.

Step 3: Make a side part with your fingers and not a comb so that it doesn’t look so severe. At the parting, start French braiding your hair on the top of your head by taking a little extra hair with ever section as you crozz it over the other.

Step 4: Once you have French braided it down, blend into the rest of your hair and start braiding your whole hair from slightly above your nape over to the other side.

Step 5: Make sure you braid loosesly as you want it too look soft and messy.

Step 6: Once you are done secure it at the end with a band. Strategically loosen strands from your braid and let a few tendrils hang loose around your face.

You can wear your braid over one shoulder or let it hang down your back. Add a hair band or flowers to further hippie-fy your look.

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