The 5-Minute Hair Guidebook: 5 Glam Styles You Can Make On The Move

What’s your pick for your daily work hairstyle? The answer is probably a bun or a ponytail. While those hairstyles are convenient, they can also be a bit boring. We show your five hairstyles you can try when stuck in traffic or while riding in the cab or the train in under five minutes. Curious? Take a look.

1. The Side Twist Ponytail
A ponytail seems like the easiest thing to do while travelling to work or college. But here’s a fun twist you can give it.
a. Part your hair on the natural side parting.
b. Take the top strand and twist it as shown below.
c. Pin it up behind your ear and tie it up as regular ponytail.

hairstyles in the car

2. The Knotted Half Do
It’s easy to pick up the clips and tie a half ponytail. But it’s even easier to try this style when you’re stuck in a red light while driving. Bonus point: it looks simply gorgeous.
a. Take the portion of your half ponytail and divide into two.
b. Knot the two parts as a regular rope knot.
c. Twist the lower part of the knot outside, as shown in the picture and wear a pretty clip to secure your hair.

hairstyles in the car

3. The Criss-Cross Low Bun
Give your daily bun a much-needed face lift without spending hours or running to the salon by creating an adorable criss-cross bun.
a. Divide your hair into three parts and tie a ponytail in the middle section.
b. Take the right side hair and tuck in the left side of the ponytail, as shown in the picture. Do the same with the other side.
c. Secure your hair with pins.

hairstyles in the car

4. The Braid Bun
a. Part your hair on one side and create two sections, one for the braid on the top section of your head and another for the bun.
b. If you know French braiding, you can try that or tie a normal braid in the top section. Tie it with a small rubber band.
c. Now braid the lower section of your hair as shown below.
d. Tie the upper section with pins and twist the lower one into a bun. Secure with pins.

hairstyles in the car

5. The Rainy Day Bun
Having a bad hair day in the humidity? Simply tie this high bun instead of a low one for an instantly chic look.
a. Gather all your hair at the top of your head.
b. Twist it like a regular bun and tie it. If you have short hair, tie a high ponytail and then twist and secure with pins.

hairstyles in the car

We hope your daily commute time gets more fun with these cool hairstyles. Do share if you have other interesting ideas.

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