Six Tips to Make Shopping Easy

It might seem a little unrealistic to many people but this is a true story: there exists a section of people who don’t really find shopping enjoyable.

Not everyone has expert shopping skills or even think of retail therapy to be, well, therapeutic. These people consider shopping a big chore. If you think you fit into this category of people or know anyone who does (although we don’t quite relate), here are some easy shopping tips to make the activity more bearable.


1. Shop on a weekday, not during the weekend to avoid the crazy crowds of shoppers and long checkout lines, and of course, car parking issues.

2. When you’re out for a whole day of shopping, eat a little before you start shopping and take a short coffee break or two to get your energy back.

coffee break

3. Find out which store/brand matches your style in advance. You now have the option of browsing product catalogs online, so wherever possible, do your research. It’s no point going to stores which stock products you’ll never wear, especially since you’re not the kind that enjoys browsing.

shopping problems


4. If you’re too lazy to go out, then find options online. Lucky for you everything from shirts to shoes to belts can be delivered at your doorstep.


5. Wear comfortable clothing. Always wear something you can easily slip in and out of for trials. Don’t wear tie-up heels or button down shirts.

6. Get an expert opinion. Don’t know what looks better or which colour suits you more? The answer is simple. Ask your style expert friend or Whats app / Snap Chat her a quick picture. Don’t drag along someone who isn’t interested in shopping as they will be as hopeless as you and will not be able to help you in the decision making process.


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