Eat Your Food Right Off The Clay

Nawab Saheb‘s Chef Surjan Singh Jolly has spent time in the Shiv Niwas Palace, experienced the culture and learnt the traditional methods and styles of Mewar cuisine from the chefs of the palace to bring to you the Mewar Food Festival.

In keeping with tradition, the food will be cooked and served in clay pots which will help enhance the flavours of the dishes.

The recommendations for non vegetarians are to start with the grilled lamb appetiser, Shikaar Maas Ka Soola, and then move to a main course of either Khad kokada, which is a slow cooked game bird, or the braised lamb and kernel corn dish, Soweta Degchi Maas.

For vegetarians, the recommendations include starting with the Ker Sanger Wadi, Sekma, a mix of pan-fried wild desert beans and berries. The main course recommendations for vegetarians are stir fried baby spinach laves in the Khada Desi Palak, the must-have desert food Panchkuta and the charcoal baked bread, Sekma Baati.

For dessert, the Mawa Kachori pastry and local favourite Paniya Churio are delicious meal enders.

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