Ebony And Silver Necklace Sold Out

Ebony And Silver Necklace

Brand: En Inde
Price: Rs. 10400
En Indes jewellery breaches the space between Indias strengths anddivisions; diversities and disparities; and encapsulates in its wholenessultimate Indianess. Enjoy all this in this black agate and antique silvercreation.Be nice to your jewellery clean it with a soft dry cloth; never usechemicals or detergents. Once youre done showing it off; store it in a clean;dry place.4 strands of black agate; stainless steel rectangular beads; silver beads and an antique silver pendantWith an adjustable black dori tie and tasselLength (including dori) 26; Width (at widest point) 4.5 inches

Color Silver
Occasion Party, Evening
Look Stylish, Elegant