Edit, Update and Organize Your Wardrobe

Clothes, accessories, shoes everywhere, but not a single thing to wear! Do you often feel that way? One of the reasons may be because you cannot see half of your stuff. Yes, we repeat, cannot SEE. Do you know that we end up wearing only 20 percent of our apparel regularly? Well, in the New Year you must learn some tips and tricks to organize your wardrobe.

Shop Your Closet Products

The new spring trend is simply ‘you’, yes, we know. But, don’t you already have something similar? Go on a shopping spree in your own wardrobe and you will be surprised at what you find and how many things you can reuse.

Organize your closet

Edit Your Closet Mess

Have you ever worn it? Have you worn it in the last 3 months? Is it torn, faded or worn out? Then cut and paste these items from your wardrobe to the bin. You do not need them. Get cold hearted and break up with these old, sentimental or ill fitting items.

Organize your closet

Segregate Your Closet Items

One of the reasons why you need to clean your cupboard every few weeks is that you have not learnt how to segregate. Depending on your lifestyle you may choose to keep seasonal clothes and shoes in different sections. You may also try and keep formal, semi-formal and casual in piles or create a section for tops, tees, dresses, bottoms, shoes and accessories. Use hangers, hooks, baskets and other items to make your wardrobe compact and clean.

Organize your closet

Stick to Your Closet Habits

Leave it where you got it from. This is the mantra you need to follow when you use your wardrobe items daily. It will help you avoid a total mess, as well as make your clothes more visible for everyday use.

Organize your closet

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