#CollectiveROFL: 16 Of Election Day’s Funniest Status Updates

Yes, the BJP has won by a decisive margin and election euphoria can be seen all over. But some of the social media status updates and memes had us at Team InOnIt fall off our chairs laughing. Here’s our pick of the best ones doing the rounds. #LOL

1. Arnab was his usual boisterous self and, boy, has he carved a reputation for himself!

Vir Das Narendra Modi election



Arnab Goswami elections


Arnab Goswami election


2. The comedians were having a field day.

Sorabh Pant Narendra Modi election


Tanmay Bhatt Narendra Modi election


Kunal Rao elections


Trendulkar elections


3. The memes wouldn’t stop, either.

meme elections


meme elections


4. Here’s what the Facebook and Twitter junta had to say.





elections Big Bang Theory




5. But in all this, our pick was the following.


6. And finally, are we glad for this one.

electionsNo More Abki Baar Memes

Have any more election jokes to share? Comment or tweet and let us know.

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