Ethnicity In The City: 5 Everyday Ethnic Touches You Can Add To Your Look

Catching up with the girls always means a conversation about the latest accessories─you just gotta have more, right? Well, if your appetite for fine things is one big monster, let’s give you some fashion for fodder. Ethnicity has come to the city in these five absolutely trendy details that are statements on their own. We show you how to wear ethnic wow and proud. Global desi, who? You!

Keep those ties with tradition strong, and your case for everyday comfort even stronger. Here’s how to mix the two thoughts. Let’s get the everyday ethnic look.

Jhumkis & Balis
Jhumkis and balis are usually part of an intricate look; the all-traditional splendour. But on their own, they can be the perfect danglers for everyday looks, too. Clustered hoops or delicate drops fit right in on a paisley peasant dress, even a white shirt on jeans. They spell boho-chic in capital letters. Get this ethnic look here, here and here.


Haath Phool
The haath phool lets your hand do all the talking. From its delicate lines to its elongating effect from your wrist to your fingers, it is an accessory for the day to the night. Get this ethnic look here.


Embroidered Neckpiece
Get a case of the hot collar and spruce up those tank tops with a drag-and-drop embroidered neckpiece. Add regal to the regular and convert those leftover patches of embroidery into neck-hugging couture. Get this ethnic look here.



Nose Ring
If you like it, put a ring on it. So you have the hot-shorts on, the bustier crop and the gladiator sandals. All you need now is this little jingle. Get this ethnic look here.


Mojri Mojo
We love these serpent-headed shoes so much, and the fact that they’ve turned casual for us. In leather, this pair is the right idea for so many looks you can just about pair to your heart’s delight. Get this ethnic look here.


Tell us how close these ethnic enhancers got to making you schedule another shopping trip!

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