Evening in The Office – Let’s Talk Movies

Someone from our team asked aloud, “Has anyone watched Delhi Belly or Double Dhamaal?” and suddenly the office erupted. I’m using initials here to preserve identities of my very entertaining colleagues.

SK (with indignance ringing in her voice): Do not watch Double Dhamaal! It’s a nightmare. I couldnt sleep the whole night, you can ask my mother.

(At this point the whole team is laughing – SK is usually soft spoken, organized and quite timid. But of course, she’s an aspiring journalist, and damn right, she has her opinion)

AS chimes in (she’s our graphic designer, new to the team but that doesn’t mean she’ll be quiet about DD and the resulting torture): Its horrible. They just had money they wanted to spend. Take a look at SK’s Facebook post.”

SK’s Facebook post -

There can be no movie that is worse than Double Dhamaal. These were some of the comments I heard while exiting from the theatre: 1. “Director ne khud picture dekha nahin hoga.”
2. “Kitna chillam chilli.”
3. “Sala paisa hain to kuch bhi banate hain.”
4. “Isko to aadha star bhi nahin milna chahiye.”

We then moved onto Delhi Belly -

BA (the only male member of the team): “Its awesome! lift to the bollywood taste.”

SK (indignant as ever, and still reeling from the shocker that was Double Dhamaal): Yes, good movie.  At least they respect our intelligence!

Now for Bbbbudddahh hoga tera baaap (or however they spell it) -

SK: Amitabh’s trying to tell the world he’s not old yet

SD (who so far was only contributing through her laughter): No amount of changing the spelling can save this movie.

So there, we don’t review movies, but candid conversation has led to 2 thumbs up for Delhi Belly and boos for the other two.

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