7 Exercises To Have Mind-Blowing Sex

Here’s the thing: sex is a great workout, it’s pleasurable and also burns a whole lot of calories. But women often notice soreness in their limbs, namely inner thighs, back and arms. In fact, sudden cramps and soreness may not allow you to enjoy to your fullest when sharing a great moment with your man. To help you out in such situations, we list down seven exercises to have better sex. So, get your gym clothes and gear out— it’s time to prepare for the best night of your life.

1. Squats
Strengthen your legs, thighs and butt with this basic exercise. Besides getting a gorgeous derrière, it will help improve blood flow to your pelvic area, thus improving your libido.

2. Lunges
If your legs have cramps and aches during or after making love, this is just right for you. Try the side variation, to0, to stretch your muscles and get them to breathe.

3. Kegel Exercises
Get him to feel great during sex AND save yourself from a range of vaginal infections and diseases with this one. Here’s how you do the pelvic variation:
a. When you use the washroom next, urinate a little and stop. The muscles that contract are the ones you need to work on.
b. Lie down or sit straight on the floor and start contracting and releasing these muscles.
c. Once you are used to this movement, try it with your other exercises while holding a pose.

Exercises for better Sex
4. Leg Extensions
Have quivering calves and thighs after an exciting session with your partner? Try these extensions.

5. Gluteal Bridge
Get your whole body ready for sex with this bridge pose. It will strengthen your core, upper back, neck, lower back, hamstrings and ankles. Start with a simple bridge, then try the hip thrust and other variations.

6. Push-Ups
Want to try an adventurous position for your weekend getaway with your man? Then your arms need to be strong. Try light push-ups for your arms, forearms and wrists.

7. Baby Pose
Finally, when you’re relaxing, try this pose. This loosens your back and leg muscles.
a. Lie down on your back and put your legs up in the air.
b. Gently bend your knees so that they are 90 degrees from the floor and keep your ankle parallel to the floor.
c. Now try to grab the outside of your foot with your hand and gently give a downwards pressure for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on your body.

Exercises for better Sex

Try this for about two weeks and see the difference in the bedroom.

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