5 Exercises for Women Who LOVE Wearing Heels

We know you love your strappy heels, pumps and booties. And as much as you want to swap heels with flats, you just can’t resist wearing them. Those gorgeous heels may make you look great and spice up almost any outfit, but are bad for your feet and back. And by bad we mean seriously damaging and causing long-term issues. Now, we know you can’t completely give up on heels, so we’ve got the solution for you. These exercises promise to strengthen your body to handle the impact of high heels. Read on.

1. Downwards Dog
Stretch the back of your thighs and your lower back along with your body in this pose. Start slow and try staying in this position for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on your body. Take a look at this video to get directions on how to do it.

2. Hip Raise
After forward bending, try this for stretching your back the other way. It is ideal for your lower back, thighs, calves and ankles. Check out the method here.

3. Calf Stretch
Next, your calf needs to be stretched after being under strain with heels. This is simple and easy, so you can do this on a daily basis, even when at work.

4. Calf Roll
After you’ve stretched and relaxed your calf muscles, it is time to tone them with this exercise. Use a firm mat and follow the instructions in the video.

5. Ankle Rolls & Circles
Just like the calf, your ankles too need to strengthen and take the impact of your heels. Simply turn your legs in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This is simple and can be done while you’re working. Additionally, you can try to roll them with the help of a ball. Take a look at this video to understand.

It is best to do these exercises under professional supervision. If you have any kind of chronic pain in your body, only try these after taking advice from your doctor. Start slow and we’re sure you will get results.

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