It’s Time To Face It: 5 Exercises To Get A Slim Face

We know you’re doing everything to get that perfectly toned body, but are you doing the same for your face? You already know how to maintain your natural look from the outside, but these exercises will keep your face looking slim, toned and young.

1) For Your Eyes
Don’t let the wrinkles around your eyes spoil their beauty. Open your peepers wide without wrinkling your brow and focus at a particular point for five to 10 seconds. Repeat five times.

yoga for slim face

2) For Your Cheekbones
Not liking your chubby cheeks? Reduce that unwanted chubbiness with this one.
yoga for slim face
1. Take a deep breath with your mouth, then close it pressing your lips together.
2. Blow the air to your upper lips, then your left cheeks and finally to your right cheeks.
3. Each time you transfer the air, hold it at the count of 10 on each side.
This will not only decrease the chubbiness, but also work for the muscles around and on each side of your mouth.

3) For Your Jaw
Want to sharpen your jawline? Simply follow these two steps.
yoga for slim face
1. Slowly suck in as much air as possible with your mouth. On doing this, you will see your cheeks sinking in. This will help to tighten your jawline and sink in your cheeks.
2. Put your tongue out as far as possible and tilt your head upwards, forming a vertical line between your neck and your lower jaw. Hold this position for 10 seconds to help sharpen your jaws.

4) To Tone Your Facial Muscles
1. A Lion face works best for your facial muscles. Make a Lion face by opening your mouth wide with your tongue out and eyes wide. This will help release tension and tone your muscles at the front of the throat.
yoga for slim face
2. A Smiling Fish face is to smile while gently pursing your lips. Withdraw and pinch your cheeks into the hollows of your face as you do so. This will help tone the lips and lift your cheeks.
yoga for slim face
3. A Puppet face is an exercise where you have to lift the lines between your nose and lips, smile and press your fingertips in the crease between the two. Lift up your muscles and press your fingertips on the area into the muscles for some resistance. Repeat this 20 times to get the best results. This will help you strengthen your muscle and make them fuller so they don’t limp.

5) For Your Chin
Get rid of that double chin by quickly following these steps:
yoga for slim face
1. Try to reach out to your nose by covering your upper lip with your lower lip.
2. Hold this position for eight to 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily.
This will strain your jaw muscles initially, but will help tone your chin muscles and remove that double chin.

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