6 Signs You’re Exfoliating ALL WRONG

Cleansing, washing and scrubbing is your daily routine, and once a week you get rid of those dead cells and tan with the help of exfoliation. But did you know that the rashes on your face, light wrinkles and even acne can be caused by exfoliating wrong? Are you making your face a victim of exfoliation mistakes? Find out below and learn the right technique to have fresh, soft skin.

Exfoliation mistakes

1. Waterless Scrubbing
Many of you must be directly applying the scrub cream or gel on your face, assuming that the lotion or cream base will provide the necessary lubrication. However, that is not entirely true. While it does help to spread your scrub evenly, you need warm water to soften your face and get it ready for the treatment. Often, dry application leads to redness, rashes and skin irritation.

2. Too Much, Too Rough
It’s summer and the sweat is making your skin sticky and tanned, as well as clogging the pores. The best thing to do would be to go to a salon for a clean-up or try exfoliation at home. But how often are you doing it? The less-is-more philosophy works here too. Do it only once or twice a week. Over scrubbing leaves your skin vulnerable to infections and acne. Even when you do exfoliate, be very gentle and don’t rub for more than 10 to 15 seconds. Anymore and you will end up with minute scars and bruises on your skin.

3. No Follow-Up
Exfoliation must ALWAYS be followed by moisturising. Your skin is free of dead cells and grime, but it is open to minute bacteria on the towel or clothes and even the air. Lock your skin with a generous layer of moisturiser and you will end up with happy, glowing skin.

4. No Attention to the Body
Just like your face, your body too develops dead skin, acne and oil. So why exfoliate just one? Give some TLC to your arms, back, legs, stomach and feet. Head to the spa and get a full body scrub. Your body will thank you, and you can rock that backless dress like a pro.

5. Wrong Tools
Exfoliation is all about the right creams and tools. While a beauty parlour is the ideal place to get the right kind of clean-ups and scrubs, you can do it at home provided you have a few things. There are different kinds of scrubs for the face, body and foot; so don’t use one for the other. Additionally, start with a mild scrub that suits your skin. Try it on your hand before using it on your face. Finally, use a moderately rough sponge or loofah or go with the light exfoliating pad. Follow this and you are sure to avoid patchy skin and rashes.

6. Breaking the Exfoliation Rules
We mentioned that moisturising your skin is a must after scrubbing it. But there are a few rules that you need to follow, too. Stay away from the sun on the day you exfoliate. Also steer clear of harsh chemicals and treatments like waxing, peels and masks.

Avoid these common errors and you will prevent a lot of damage to your skin. Have any more tips to add? Share them with us in the comments section.

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