Experiencing The Open Air Cafe At The NCPA

The first ever open air eatery at the National Centre for the Performing Arts is named the Cafe At The NCPA. Simple and to the point, the name is easy to grasp and self explanatory to a degree. But of course, what’s in a name!

Sitting between the NCPA’s Open Air Plaza and the indoor restaurant Amadeus, this al fresco cafe is sure to bring in loads of people stopping for a quick bite to get away from the city’s ruthless noise and chaos. With lush grass patches, the wide overhead sky and the Arabian Sea in distant attendance, this open air eatery is a breath of fresh air.

Set to serve Indian, Thai and American cuisines which are reasonably priced for any pocket, this bistro has an open air kitchen and bar as well. Patrons can enjoy the sight of their food being prepared with fresh ingredients, delectable spices and herbs, and tender flavours before savouring the work of the skilled hands that have prepared their meal. The tables and chairs are set over a small grass lawn for a soft floor. Flanked on one side by the walls of the great art centre of NCPA and the other by a grilled fencing, covered with trees, plants and pots, this bistro will be a great place for artistic minds to meet and discuss matters of interest in a comfortable informal setting.

The food is great, the drinks are refreshing and the atmosphere is comfortable, but the cafe seems to be missing something important. For an art cafe, it is astonishing to notice that it is completely devoid of the most important ingredient – art. It would be unfair to compare Cafe At The NCPA with the famous Prithvi Cafe in Juhu considering the heritage and history which has gone into establishing the latter as the prime art cafe of Mumbai city. But to say that Cafe At The NCPA is South Mumbai’s answer to Prithvi Cafe would be grotesquely underestimating the value and charm that envelopes Prithvi Cafe. But comparisons aside, Cafe At The NCPA is a newly installed art cafe in the throngs of an established art centre which truly required the establishment of ‘quick bite corner’ where patrons could enjoy a bite, drink and chat between plays, dances, screenings and other forms of artistic output.

Cafe At The NCPA is a recent addition to the artistic circle which ensues in South Mumbai and with conversations, installments and time, it will gain its own heritage and history.

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