Expert Speak: 8 Fitness Tips From Celeb Trainer Deanne Panday

deanne pandey fitness tipsFlipping through that glossy magazine and wistfully looking at the air-brushed starlet pouting at you? If only you could really look that hot. News flash! You can’t coz’ it ain’t real. But what does look and make you feel that good about yourself, is when you are healthy, in and out. Celebrity Trainer Deanne Panday, who has worked on the likes of Lara Dutta and Bipasha Basu, shares the secrets on how to look fabulous, without shortcuts, the tried and tested way.

1. Healthy in the Mind

Fad diets, quick fixes to burn the flab and the shortcut to looking stunning… I don’t believe in them. A fit body is a long term goal and not a short term accessory to flaunt. You have to understand this simple fact and train your mind to look at the big picture, which is overall health.

Deanne’s top tip: Bin those diet pills and crash dieting tips because Rome wasn’t built in a day. Fitness it not just about looking good on the outside but about a healthy inside. Nothing works like self-motivation and it’s only once you understand what fitness is truly about that you can move on.

2. Full Body Medical Checkup

Don’t enter a gym without knowing your body inside out. Sorry to break the bubble but fitness is not just about getting Hrithik Roshan’s abs. Our celebrities have various injuries and health problems and train keeping that in mind. You shouldn’t follow their regimen blindly.

Deanne’s top tip: Do a thorough medical check up so your trainer can see your problem areas like and rectify them first. CBC’s Bone Density and Thyroid Tests are some of the must-take tests. If any of them return positive, you will have to work in tandem with a doctor for best results. It’s best to take these tests every year.

3. Swim, Baby, Swim!

People usually confuse core training for exercises for the abs when in fact, core is the basis for every bodily movement we make. Swimming is one form of exercise that can be recommended for literally everyone to strengthen the core. It’s like physiotherapy for your body, in water.

Deanne’s top tip: Start with a few laps, maybe with half the number of laps you think you can actually complete. Push yourself only when you are sure you’re ready.

To read the rest of Deanne’s fitness tips, click here.

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