Expert Speak: Ansoo Gupta’s Top 10 Tips for Travelling Cool

Travel Workshops with Ansoo Gupta

Travel Workshops with Ansoo Gupta

Ansoo Gupta, an expert in world-travel has been to over 35 countries to see some fantastic sights. She shares her top 10 Travelling Tips with us.

Travelling Tips to Make Your Journeys More Memorable

1) Travel Light: Don’t carry your entire household in your luggage. Aren’t you going away to take a little break from your daily routine so why carry things to make you feel ‘at-home’?

2) Double check your tickets and your visas: You’ll be surprised how many errors happen because of the date change at midnight or because of ignoring small details like transit visas.

3) ATM is the best source of local currency: But don’t withdraw small amounts of money or do too many withdrawals. Airports are the worst place to exchange, next only to hotels and other touristy spots. At the airport, just exchange as much as you need to commute and get by for a few hours till you get to city.

4) In terms of clothing, stick to the basics: This is extremely important. There is no need to carry matching handbags, shoes or lots of matching jewellery. Actually you don’t even need to carry matching tops and trousers! You will start seeing the advantages of it as you travel more and more.

Travelling Tips

Moscow – Explore at Your Own Pace

5) Give up Indian food: Equally important as travelling light is to not trying to look for and eat Indian food when you are travelling abroad. Not only is it more expensive but it holds you back from local experiences.

6) Go to a local supermarket: All malls and all brand showrooms are similar all over the world. Go to the fresh-produce markets or the supermarkets where local people buy their day-to-day stuff. This gives you a glimpse of local living which is different in every country and city.

7) Turn-off data roaming on your mobile phone: International data roaming is a killer. If you leave data-roaming on, be prepared to pay a phone bill which just might be higher than your air-fare. You have been warned!

8) Don’t buy ‘touristy’ souvenirs: These days everybody gets to travel so you don’t have to bring back small knick-knack souvenirs for your cousins, aunts, aunt’s cousins etc. Do not fall in the tourist trap of souvenirs. Buy some local items that you can actually use in your day-to-day life when you get back. Avoid fragile items.

Ansoo-Gupta---Kerala-pic-with-mark9) Spend time researching your destination on the internet: The more you read, the more you will get to know about the non-touristy, off-beat places to visit, special events, special places to eat and new ideas not covered by guidebooks and your travel agent.

10) Relax: You can’t cover even an entire city completely in one trip, leave alone one country! Wherever you want to go, for however long a period, choose a pace of travel that befits someone who is out to soak in a new culture with a spirit of exploration and not with an aim to tick off things-to-see on some list.

For more such tips and tricks to find cheap air-fares, cheap staying options and most importantly leave from office so you can travel a lot more, come to my travel workshops held regularly in Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune. Follow me on Twitter @ansoogupta and on Facebook.

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