Explore: ‘Ashwamedh’, Max Streicher’s magnificent installation

GET: a look at ‘Ashwamedh’, a colossal and fluid installation by Max Streicher

IN: Gallery Maskara, Warehouse on 3rd Pasta Lane, 6/7 3rd Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai

ON: Ongoing till January 30, 2011

IT: Simply visit the gallery to view this continuation of ‘Equestiran Monuments’ or perhaps better described as “anti-monuments” as these giant figures are actually translucent nylon skins filled with air

As Streicher says, ““In these ‘monuments’, I am not interested in a declaration of might or eternal ambition. On the contrary
my work with inflatable sculpture is always about bringing the viewer back to the body, to physical experience, to now. The force of air, the way it fills a form and moves through a pliable material, recalls our own sensation of breath—of breathlessness, of holding our breath. Thus, the force that animates my work is the same elemental, powerful but tenuous force that animates us. My choice of extremely light and papery materials enhances this sense of absence, death and transience—of the nearly not there at all. My work with the inflatable medium is about moving the viewer from a playful and ironic headspace toward
a physical connection to his or her most vital forces.“

About the Artist: Max Streicher is a sculptor and an installation artist residing in Toronto. He has worked extensively with inflatable techniques in kinetic sculptures and installation works. His inflatable works are in the collections of museums like the ESSL Museum, Vienna and the Hara Museum, Tokyo.

Gallery Hours: 11am to 7pm
Closed on: Monday
Website: www.gallerymaskara.com

Photo credit: David de Souza

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