‘Dadaumpop’ at Gallery BMB

GET: a look at ‘Dadaumpop’ an exhibition featuring 24 Italian artworks by 24 Italian artists.

IN: Gallery BMB, Queens Mansion, GT Marg, Fort, Mumbai -400001. Contact No: + 91 22 22000061

ON: January 7th -15th, 11am to 7pm. Closed on Sundays.

IT: focuses on the relations between New Pop, Pop and Dada Anti-Art, in an attempt to outline their influences over contemporary art (street art, lowbrow, toy culture).

The selected artists are: Nicola Alessandrini, Andy, Stefano Bolcato, Bixio, Giordano Curreri and Antonio Sorrentino, Francesco De Molfetta, Fidia Faleschetti, Ivana Falconi, Florraine, Andrea Francolino, Hackatao, Ivan Lardschneider, Marco Lodola, Flavio Lucchini, Davide Mancosu, Marco Minotti, Silvio Monti, Teresa Morelli, Michela Pedron, Paolo Schmidlin, Cristina Stifanic, Ma-Si, Chiara Todero and Angelo Volpe.

The world as seen through this show is a kind of surrealistic society made of bizarre iconic characters,showed in different context and light up with a different “floodlight”. Playing with this popular language, and kidding with the (sometimes) frightful actuality, these artists try to give a different meaning to what is happening around us.

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