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It’s going to be an extraordinary treat for Mumbai shoppers at the first ever DIVAlicious exhibition in the city, with Khamsa jewellery. Specializing in Turkish jewellery that is stylish and contemporary, these accessories are just what you need to transform a banal outfit to glamorous. We have a conversation with owner, Manisha Daswani as the luxurious event is set to take place on the 15th of October at Blue Sea, Worli. Come and explore the exotic!

Khamsa at DIVAlicious

Khamsa at DIVAlicious

What is the difference in the shopping mentality of people in Mumbai compared to people in Dubai?

The main difference I feel is, in Mumbai people are more experimental and have a open mind about brands which are established and which are new to the market. In Dubai, shoppers are extremely trend conscious, if it’s in fashion everyone wants it. As a jewellery brand it gives us an advantage because there is a lot to experiment with Turkish jewellery which is a mix of Europen and Middle Eastern designs.

What’s the inspiration behind your creations?

Each day there are endless sources of inspiration- colours, nature and pictures. I feel inspiration is anything that we like and can be found in our daily surroundings that drive us to create something gorgeous.

What’s the theme of your products that will be on sale at DIVAlicious?

My products will have a lot of turquoise stones and gold plating, which is what mainly makes up Turkish jewellery, and of course above all Evil Eye. Khamsa is all about the Evil Eye. So, there will be a lot of attractive and vibrant jewellery on display.

There are so many brands and designers taking part in the exhibition, why should a shopaholic visit yours? What sets you apart?

Just for the simple reason that it is Turkish jewellery and is something that is very different. The jewellery is extremely eye-catching and stands out. It is not commonly available, especially in India so you’re sure to be unique when you wear a Khamsa creation.

What’s your personal favourite product from your collection that will be on sale at DIVAlicious?

My personal favourite is the Evil Eye Cuff and the Fatma Hand Neckpiece. It’s got a lot of Turkish history in the design and is also very elegant.

Turkish jewellery is not very common in India, can you give us some insight into why it is different and why it will appeal to women in Mumbai. 

It is a very unique mix of middle eastern, European and Asian design so there is something that everyone would relate to and like. I’ts very contemporary and affordable. There is a lot of matte finish gold platting, which looks very elegant and is very practical yet trendy for everyday wear.

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