Explore The Mystical Caves In Meghalaya With Odati

Explore underground passages and chambers with Odati Adventures this Descember.  With a network of caves that spans over a 1,000 kilometres, Meghalaya has more than 500 caves that have been explored in the past either out of nescessity or curiosity.
Odati Adventures will begin its exploration with the 10-kilometre long Krem Tyngheng cave, an ideal one for beginners. You will then move on to the Krem Chympe cave, wading through waist deep water as you uncover the complex sections of the cave. The activities will be carried out in the Shnong rim area of Jaintia hills and will be under the assistance of trained and experienced cavers to ensure safety.
It has a limited number of 10 seats. The trip will take place from 7th December to 16th December, 2012. For more details, check Odati Adventures’ website here.
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