Express Brush Set And Brush Cleaner Ii Sold Out

Express Brush Set And Brush Cleaner Ii

Brand: DIVO
Price: Rs. 530
Express brush set and brush cleaner IIIdeal for everyday use; basic styling; and detangling of hair. these brushesare crafted with a soft touch coating. The handle is gentle on the hand; anddesigned for superior comfort and grip. Each brush has flexible ball tippedbristles that protect and massage the scalp as well as reduce damage to thehair.Perfect hair care begins with hygiene. it supersedes with every other aspectincluding smoothness; bounce; flow & shine. While washing & treating your haircan bring life; the risk of dirtying is high in the absence of basic hygienein the styling tools used. External hair damaging forces can be tackled withadequate supplements and applications; however the enemy inside can cause moreharm. Keeping your hairbrush clean is the first and foremost part of haircare. However cleaning the brush with pins; combs and bare hands is just notenough. Bris Care therefore becomes the ideal choice.Bris Care is a unique brush cleaner crafted with special cleaning bristles toremove embedded hair and dirt from your hair brush. Just with a few swipesthrough your hairbrush; you are on your way to having a clean and residue freehair brush. Small wonder; perfect hair care begins with Bris Care.Ensure that the brush is rinsed monthly with gentle soap and water. Alwaysmake sure to dry the brush with soft cloth.Body: Plastic with a special soft touch coatingWooden body; Nylon bristlesLength 9.5; Width 2.75 inchesLength 9; Width 2 inches