Get Deepika’s Perfectly Arched Eyebrows: A Quick Tutorial

If you’re constantly struggling with your beautician to get your eyebrow shape just right, it is time to take a look at this. We show you simple steps to make your eyebrows look fuller—and just perfect—like the lovely Deepika Padukone.

eyebrow makeup tutorial
What You Will Need:
a. Eyebrow pencil
b. Concealer and concealer brush
c. Mascara brush
d. Gel or Vaseline (optional)

How To Do It:
1. First, take your eyebrow pencil and sketch a fine line beneath your eyebrows to create a definite shape.

2. Next, create a light line on the top part of your eyebrows in the same way. Ensure that you stick to the natural shape of your brows.

3. Now, use the pencil to lightly fill the black colour in the eyebrows. Use short strokes that look like natural hair rather than creating a single line. This will darken your existing eyebrows.

4. Then, use the handle of the pencil to measure your eyebrows. Use it from your nose diagonally to the eyebrow to know where to end. And from nose perpendicular to forehead to know the start of your brows. Watch the video for further assistance.

5. Use the concealer and apply it below your brows to give a defined arch. Blend it well with your eyes.

6. Use a clean mascara brush and comb your eyebrows out naturally. You can use a tinge of gel or Vaseline to set your brows, if needed.

7. Use the tip of your fingers to blend the beginning of your eyebrows for a natural look.

8. Do the rest of your makeup as usual.

Take a look at this video for a step-by-step visual guide.

Do share your experiences and cool makeup tips with us. Walk out with a great face and perfect eyebrows.

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