The Face Behind Radio Rani

Radio Rani

This week we speak to designer Sneh Nihalani, the face behind the mystical designs of Radio Rani. From a fierce Draupadi illustration to a host of quirky matchbox cover prints, Radio Rani takes the concept of royalty and fuses it with street fashion. Her theme saris help you done different avatars from a maharani to road rani.

Check out the story behind of Radio Rani in a feature with Sneh Nihalani.

What is the idea behind the name Radio Rani? How did you come up with it?

It’s a name given to me by my friends in advertising. This is because of my love for the medium and also because of being lucky to grab a few awards for radio ads. Moreover, I love listening to radio. It gives me words to paint my own pictures with them. Just sit back, close your eyes, listen, imagine, and create!

When I was conceptualizing this brand my whole idea was not to create fashion for different sizes but for different souls. And this name gave me the liberty to expand the concept. If I am Radio Rani, then someone may be some other kind of Rani.

What inspired you to switch to being a designer after having a career in radio, advertising, etc.?

I’m still very much in advertising and I’m also writing for cinema. Designing has always been a passion and I used to do it for myself. I have just started a parallel career with it and I love the journey and the response.

Your current collection has different themes? How did you think and design these themes?

Being a story-teller I am very observant of people and their lives. Real insights come from people around you. Every sari is inspired by a woman I know, have seen, have heard or read about.

Which is your favourite sari from the collection and why?

My personal favourite is Peace Rani. For me peace is not white. I search for it in life and colour.

Do you follow a specific trend or inspired from local looks?

I keep the trends in mind but follow my heart. The balance works.

Who do you visualize wearing your saris?

‘Girls’ of all ages. By that I mean folks who are young at heart, experimental, risk takers, rule breakers and the ones who believe they are special.

What is your plan for Radio Rani in the future?

Right now one step at a time, but I will go for some interesting fusion cuts and designs in future. Also, I plan to mix and match fabrics like khadi with silk and more.

What is your personal sari style – draping and colours/patterns?

I love to wear a sari in a way that hides to tease, something that drapes perfectly in sync with the body. I personally like to play with contrasting shades.

Quick questions:

Favourite traditional garment you own: Kutchi embroidered dhoti

Favourite traditional accessory: My wedding temple jewellery

Risky Rani type thing you have done: So many. Stood in front of a police jeep when it tried to jump a red signal, planned a Europe trip with a broken leg.

Peace for you is: Smile

Favourite mythological character: Shiva

Favourite matchbox: Japanese matchbox with monkeys smoking/ Dabangg matchbox cover.

Take a look at the quirky and kitschy saris from the Radio Rani brand:


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