What Does Your Face Say About Your Health?

From your smoking habit to a current break-up, your face reflects much more than just your beauty. It talks about your physical and mental health too. We spoke about your pimples indicating health issues, and now we show you what different problems on the face say about your body. Take a look.

1. Lines on the Forehead: Scrounge your forehead; if you can see prominent horizontal lines on the forehead, you are having digestive problems. You are probably not having enough water or suffering from a case of chronic constipation. Drink a glass of warm water every morning mixed with the juice of half a lemon.

face say about your health

2. Frown lines: Check between your eyebrows if you have mild frown lines. If you do, your liver may be under pressure. The external reason for this could be increased alcohol intake or a sudden allergy to some food item. However, this could also be due to an emotional problem like stress, grief or depression. Go on a detox from alcohol and eat healthy. Along with that, also try to be more positive and cheerful every morning.

3. Dark circles (under and over the eyes): Lack of sleep, dehydration and low quality makeup are the main causes of dark circles. But did you know these may even be cause due to an iron deficiency or a food allergy? Check with your doctor what the exact reason for your dark circles is. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks.

face say about your health

4. White patches: White spots usually indicate a lactose allergy. But, in this case, it could be a serious deficiency of Vitamins D and B and iron.Visit the doctor at the earliest and take some much-needed supplements.


face say about your health

5. Spots or patches on the cheeks: Just like in the case of the eyes, these may be due to an allergy or deficiency. But the reason could also be something as simple as not cleaning your makeup well. Often, leftover foundation or blush causes skin congestion, leading to patchy looking skin and acne. Invest in a good quality cleanser and give your skin a break from makeup for a few days.

Mouth and Chin
6. Fine lines around the lips and mouth: Ageing is the main reason for fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the face. However, this could also be a sign of extreme dehydration and smoking. Drink more water and eat hydrating fruits such as watermelons and oranges. Also, use lip balm and moisturiser.

7. Sores and boils around the mouth: Ulcers, sores and boils around the mouth are a classic indication of a deficiency of Vitamin B and folic acid. Consult a doctor and add supplements and eat more whole grains in your diet.

face say about your health

8. Perpetually chapped lips: While it is normal to have dry, chapped lips during winter, perpetually suffering from dry lips and reaching for your lip balm means something is wrong. Your body is deprived of Vitamin B and iron. It could be due to smoking, too. Consult a professional for this issue.

9. Hair on the chin: If you are someone who has always had hair on the chin, then this may not be new for you. But if you suddenly find hair sticking out on your chin, it means that your body is going through some serious hormonal change like pregnancy or menopause. It could also be because there is some hormonal imbalance that needs medical attention. Get it checked by your OBGYN soon and take the necessary medication.


face say about your health

10. Sore or itchy ears: Ears are usually an ignored area of your face, but if you find them to be itchy or sore it definitely means there is some allergic reaction in your body. Gaining Vitamin D by sunbathing would work well. But it could also be a case of psoriasis or eczema, so best to get it checked.

Other Areas
11. Puffy skin: While women find bloating of skin normal, especially during that time of the month, it is a thing of concern when the puffiness is more than usual or consistent. It means that your skin is allergic to a beauty product you are using. It may not be a full-fledged allergy for you to notice, but a mild one. Check if you’ve started using a new product recently or an expired one.

face say about your health

 12. Sore throat and ulcers: If you’re one of those who get this regularly, it’s not the ice cream or chilled beer—it may be a gum infection. Yes, an infection in your gums can travel to your throat and give you a sore, irritable feeling. Ulcers also suggest a low immunity, so get a dentist’s opinion immediately.

13. Bad breath: Suffering from bad breath? It’s not just because of poor dental hygiene. This could also mean serious liver and digestive disorders. Switch to a healthy diet and consult a professional.

These signs are for general indication only. For any serious issues, consult a doctor before taking any medicines yourself.

Already checking your face for signs? Go ahead and get healthy, girl. Write to us if you have anything to say.

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