Fall Winter 2013 Nail Polish Trends

Your nails are the best accessory you have so it’s important to test a new shade or two to stay stylish. With a new season upon us comes the challenge of embracing a whole new range of trends. But fret not, the Fall Winter 2013 nail polish trends are as gorgeous as ever and will have you running to your nearest nail salons to try. So come hail or shine, sharpen those talons and work it!

Dark As Night

Black is no longer considered a shade of choice for rebellious teenagers but perfect for casting a spell this season. Many other dark tones like oxblood, chocolate brown, moss green, dark grey and midnight blue are also super hot this season and bring the same enchanting allure to your tips.
Tip: They look fantastic on nails that are slightly longish and almond shaped.

dark nails

Heavy Metal

A trend that seems to be a hit season after season, this Fall/Winter embrace metallic tints to leave a bold impact. You can stick to the classic gold, silver and bronze or try practically any shade with a chrome finish. Either way, you’ll be ready to let your hands do the talking because these chrome nails are made to dazzle.
Tip: Your steely nails can work just as well for a dressy night out or a casual lunch with friends.

Mad for metallic nails

Mad for metallic nails

Holographic Magic

You can add a fresh twist to your metallic mani with cool holographic pigments that change colours with movement. They are ultra edgy and are the ultimate way to make a statement with your tips. These futuristic, shade-shifting polishes can add all the colours of the rainbow to your nails with every stroke.
Tip: Since there are so many colours in one, they can be matched with any outfit without a moment’s thought.

China Glaze Hollographic Bohemian Collection 2013

China Glaze Holographic Bohemian Collection 2013

Dazzling Blue

Having been crowned THE most fashionable colour of 2014, it’s only natural for it to be a popular choice to decorate our talons with. An eye-catching hue, it can certainly add that je ne sais quoi to your ordinary manicures.
Tip: This colour brings a sophisticated elegance to round nails but I think it looks sensational on square-shaped tips.

Blood Red

Those retro red nails are back to exude glamour and lady-like charm. There’s something very sexy about bright red nails so channel your inner Marilyn and flash those crimson babies.
Tip: Match your nails with a scarlet pout for a doubly bewitching style.

Red hot!

Red hot!

3D Accents

Stylists are literally bringing more depth to their manicures by going 3D. Make your talons even more interesting by using glitter,crystals, studs, pearls, flowers, lace appliqués, etc. All you need is a little glue.
Tip: You can really let your individuality shine through by being creative with patterns and what you glue to your nails.

3D nails

Going Electric

On one end of the scale are dark hues and on the other are the brighter than brights. Fight the dullness of cold, gloomy days with a burst of bright colour on your hands. These flashy shades can be the perfect mood-lifter on a depressing winter’s day.
Tip: Colorbar has a fab range of beautiful and fiery lacquers.



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