Fashion Cheat Sheet For The Lazy Girl

You know about fashion and you know what’s trendy. You’re even one of those girls that sometimes say, “Ewww! What was she thinking when she put that on?” But some of you, if you’re like me, are very lazy when it actually comes to making an effort on yourself. You know what to do but you couldn’t be bothered to spend time dressing up on most days. Here’s my fashion cheat sheet and I hope it helps you.

1. Have A Fallback Option

Mine is skinny jeans, and I think they’re very versatile. The best part of having that one thing you know you’re comfortable in and makes you look good, is that you don’t have to think too much on days you don’t feel up to it. Add a feminine touch – wear them with a pretty top, add a simple accessory, you’re all set.

fashion cheat sheet skinny jeans
Boat Neck Blouse: Rs. 799
Retro High Waist Jeggings: Rs. 1799

2. Have A Staple

If there’s one thing you love a lot, wear it often. It becomes your thing. It could be a belt, a scarf, or your trademark way of applying eyeliner. It could be anything that makes you, you. Kind of like an identifying characteristic. Like Miranda Priestly and her white Hermes scarf and Chanel No 5 in ‘The Devil wears Prada’.

fashion cheat sheet staple

3. Have A Feel-Good Cheat Code

This could be anything that makes you feel pretty as soon as you wear it. It could be the frumpiest of days, but just pulling it on makes you feel great. For, me, it’s my boyfriend jacket. It works wonders each time. It’s a little like a real-life cheat code that immediately brightens your day.

fashion cheat sheet boyfriend jacket

Minion Boyfriend Jacket – White: Rs. 3,450

4. You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes (or Dresses)

Wearing a pair of unique flats or towering heels is sure to glam up any outfit. There are some that never go out of style, and you can be sure that it can jazz up your look. Same goes for dresses. Be it a flow-y maxi dress, or a super hot WBD, it can change your style in a matter of seconds. All you need is a great dress, sexy heels, and a statement accessory. Keeping it simple can actually make you look better, instead of being a dolled-up caricature of yourself.

fashion cheat sheet shoes

Seville: Rs. 3,590

5. Be Regular In Your Skincare Routine

In my opinion, this contributes a lot to your look and style. Glowing skin can make that simple tee and jeans combo look so much better.

fashion cheat sheet good skin

So wear whatever you’d feel best in that day, add on your trademark staple, a pair of killer heels, your favourite lipstick – and suddenly jeans don’t seem like a boring alternative. These are pretty simple rules to follow, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make sure you always look your best!

fashion cheat sheet thats all

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