Fashion Horoscope: What Your Stars Say About Your Style?

We often read our horoscopes to know about our career, love life, health-related issues or simply what to expect in the future. But have you ever thought your stars could make you shine if you read them right? Yes! Like all other things, your zodiac sign speaks a lot about your personal dressing style. Be it colours, fabrics or even your character traits, it tells you exactly how and what to wear to suit your personality. Read on to know more.

1) ARIES: March 21 – April 19
You share your sun sign with: Kangana Ranaut
fashion zodiac
No matter what, you always look your best. Having been born with confidence, you’re ever ready to try new and bold styles. Red is a must in your wardrobe and you’ve got one of everything in this colour. Your head is the ruling body part and hence accessories can be your favourite, making you stand out from the crowd all the time. You can go bold like Kangana without any fear and try more of designer silhouettes and statement jewellery.

2) TAURUS: April 20 – May 20
You share your sun sign with: Anushka Sharma
fashion zodiac
Comfort is your concern, hence you’d prefer linen, cotton or silky fabrics that give a pleasing touch to your body. Quality is what you always want, so you rush to designer stores during discounts. Neck and throat are your ruling body parts, so try more of chains and necklaces to enhance your look. Green being your lucky colour, try a bright green dress with a statement accessory to look your best like Anushka.

3) GEMINI: May 21 – June 20
You share your sun sign with: Sonam Kapoor
fashion zodiac
The confused soul—yes, that’s what you are! You love your denims as much as your designer lehenga. Pure cotton is preferred by Geminis and they can wear any style at any time. Light blue and white are the colours that will make you look charming always—just like our Bollywood fashionista. Hands being your ruling body part, bangles, handcuffs, bracelets and rings are among your cherished accessories. And, oh!—purses are your weakness.

4) CANCER: June 21 – July 22
You share your sun sign with: Priyanka Chopra
fashion zodiac
Being a mood dresser, a Cancerian woman will always choose her colour depending on how she feels. You’re not a risk taker, but you will always be clean and neat with your outfit. Your wardrobe may have a lot of soft colours and pastels; and fabrics like flannel and terry cloth suit your soft and feminine personality. Just like PC, a Cancerian looks amazing in white and silver. Also, not just people, you’re too sentimental about your clothes as well and would want to save some pieces forever.

5) LEO:  July 23 – Aug 22
You share your sun sign with: Jennifer Lawrence
fashion zodiac
The lioness has a wardrobe full of designer labels and high-end brands. Leos love to live a luxurious life and have the best and most expensive of everything. This drama queen wears her sequins, skirts, dresses and shimmer in bold colours to look vibrant and vivacious. Colours like red and gold are perfect for the rough-and-tough woman that you are.

6) VIRGO: Aug 23 – Sept 22
You share your sun sign with: Blake Lively
fashion zodiac
You have a match for everything in your wardrobe and are always colour coordinated. You often wear conservative outfits and are not much concerned about the latest trends. Just like the gorgeous Blake Lively, you look great in natural shades and colours like grey, white, light yellow are among your lucky ones. Presentation is more important than style for you and hence you have that shirt neatly tucked in your jeans each time you step out.

7) LIBRA: Sept 23 – Oct 22
You share your sun sign with: Hilary Duff
fashion zodiac
The romantic woman in you is always up to look her best. You love to wear clothes that have a feminine touch like lacy skirts and shirts with a floral print. You’re never over- or under-dressed because you believe in perfection. Blue and green are your colours, and you make sure you wear them in the style that suits you best.

8) SCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 21
You share your sun sign with: Aishwarya Rai
fashion zodiac
Sexy is the word for a Scorpion woman. No matter what you wear, just like our former Miss World, it’s your personality that draws attention more than your outfit. You’re the bold one, ready to try on anything and everything under the sun. An old outfit can be transformed in a whole new fashion by you effortlessly. Black is your colour and knee-high boots or hot high heels are among your favourites.

9) SAGITTARIUS: Nov 22 – Dec 21
You share your sun sign with: Taylor Swift
fashion zodiac
These freedom lovers opt for a more comfortable and sporty style. Bright colours like purple, red and pink suit your personality. Loose and oversized T-shirts are all over your wardrobe and your love for sweatshirts and leather jackets cannot be explained. Not too rigid, not too stylish, Saggis love experimenting with new trends and make sure the outcome is pretty hot.

10) CAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 19
You share your sun sign with: Deepika Padukone
fashion zodiac
You believe in living life luxuriously. Quality is your major concern and hence you are always seen in designer labels or tailored suits from exclusive brands. You love to splurge on purses as they are status symbols. You prefer natural fabrics; bold and beautiful colours like black, brown and grey can add a spark of style, making you look as elegant as our favourite Deepika Padukone.

11) AQUARIUS: Jan 20 – Feb 18
You share your sun sign with: Jennifer Aniston
fashion zodiac
Rebels—that’s what Aquarians are. You want to be the quirky and unique trendsetter who doesn’t care if what you’re wearing is in fashion at the time. Cool colours like blue and green are your favourites. You like to keep it simple and so would love to be in a pair of jeans than play dress up. Ankles are your ruling body part and hence mini skirts, capris or cropped pants can make you look as stunning as Jennifer Aniston.

12) PISCES: Feb 19 – March 20
You share your sun sign with: Rihanna
fashion zodiac
Footwear is your ultimate love. Feet being your ruling body part, your closet overflows with shoes and only shoes. You like to wear chiffons and shimmering materials as they suit your daydreaming personality. Sea green and blue are most loved by these fishes. Just like Rihanna, you adore jewellery in gold, silver or with gemstones and could sometimes be seen wearing all at once.

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