10 Fashion Investments You NEED To Make

We know you love the Manish Malhotra or Masaba picks, but you can’t deny that you often buy items on a tight budget and seasonal sales. In fact, along with curated picks from designers we often give you tips how to be stylish when broke. However, there are a few pieces that must be your fashion investments—no matter how much they cost. Here’s our list 10 classic items you must have in your closet.

fashion investments

1. A (Well-Fitted) Pair Of Jeans
Trust us, when we say that well-fitting jeans go a long way to up your style quotient. Pair them with a party top when you’re going out at night or a casual tee and jacket during the day to rock pretty much any look. What’s more, a classic pair of jeans will last you for years and will never go out of fashion. Get denims here.

2. An LBD
Staple, staple, staple—the Little Black Dress is a must-have for your wardrobe. Versatile and always chic, this dress is worth every dime you spend on it. Buy here.

3. A Black Semi-Formal Blazer
Want to instantly go from casual to formal? Have to attend a sit-down dinner after work? This black jacket will be your saviour. Hunt for a designer or branded jacket that lasts for years and fits like a glove. Pick black jackets here.

4. A Comfortable and Fitted Bra
Let’s face it, a bra can make or break your outfit—so no point being stingy when buying one. A good bra will be seamless, with no spillovers and make your external outfits look gorgeous. Find quality bras here. Not sure how to go about picking the right bra? Find tips to measure yourself correctly here.

5. Shapewear
Just like your bra, shapewear ensures that your body looks near-perfect in that bodycon dress you love. Invest in a quality one to help hide that extra flab or cellulite. Buy here.

6. Everyday Shoes
Commuting can be a real task, especially if you use public transport—the last thing you want to do is slip and break a bone while running to catch a taxi. So spend your hard-earned money and buy yourself tough, long-lasting, comfortable and stylish everyday flat shoes. Buy flats here.

7. Classic Nude Pumps
Nude pumps will never let you down—the number of times you use them for parties, meetings or just casual outings will make them worth every penny spent. Get gorgeous pumps here.

8. A Designer Watch
Adorn your wrists with a quality designer or branded watch. It will look sharp and chic for your formal as well as casual wear and instantly up the glam factor. Rock a stunning watch from this collection.

9. Brown Pants
Shapely pants can be worn at work, for a party, a brunch or any other outing. Do you really want to spend on one that fades or loses its fit easily? Check brown pants out here.

10. Stylish Shoulder Bag
Alright, before you argue that you change your bag every week, let us tell you that this one is one of those classic bags that you will use for years to come. A solid-coloured tote that stores your essentials and goes with pretty much anything is every girl’s dream. Buy bags here.

Are there any other must-haves on your mind? Share with us in the comments section.

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Images courtesy: makeoverly.co, fashionarium.com

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