Fashion Resolutions For 2013


A new year means new promises, and no we’re not talking about doing 20 more sit-ups every day. Instead, we give you some sartorial pledges that are apt for everyone to keep their style in top form this year and help get rid of those wardrobe woes.


 Balance between Extravagant and Thrifty

Striking a perfect balance between street, high-street and luxury shopping is no easy feat. It’s possible to have great style that is also economical with a few great finds from the streets and high-street brands, while occasionally splurging on something classic that will add those finishing touches to any great look.


Organize your closet space

Let’s face it, there’s no point in having the perfect wardrobe if your closet is a disorganized mess and you can never find what you need when you’re looking for it. Who hasn’t faced this problem? The best solution is to declutter. Get rid of all the things you didn’t wear during the past one year because no matter what you tell yourself, the chances of you wearing them this year are even slimmer. Plus, you’ll be making way for all the new trends this year has to offer.

Not going to happen this year

Not going to happen this year



I think this is one thing that everybody should try. Step out of your comfort zone and wear something you were never daring enough to try. It could be a bold print or those brightly coloured shoes you’ve been eyeing. Shed those fashion inhibitions and you’ll be amazed at all the different things that will actually suit you.


Layering Fashionably

Perfecting the art of layering should be a priority this year; it makes every outfit stand-out and adds a personal touch to your look. With the help of different fabrics, colours, vests, scarves, jackets and waist-coats you can put together your own unique style.

Trust Sonam to ace the art of layering

Trust Sonam to ace the art of layering


 Make a Statement

Let the world know you’re anything but ordinary! Customize your style and grab attention maybe with a great layered outfit, bright colours or statement jewellery.


Nothing beats Confidence

Let this be the year where your confidence never deters when it comes to your body. Try going for styles that flatter your body shape the most or simply just look at all the curvy stars that are sexiness personified. No matter what you’re wearing, confidence is the still the ultimate accessory.

Beyonce always struts those curves with confidence

Beyonce always struts those curves with confidence



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