Fashion Rewind: Trends We’d Love To See Back Again

Everything from the 1980s’ disco pumps to the ultimate vintage John Lennon glasses is coming back into fashion and we’re loving every bit of it. Old is gold, after all. Some fads are just too good to be left to the history books. So, we thought, why not rewind fashion and check out trends from the past that we loved, and would love to wear all over again.

1) JNCO Jeans
JNCO Jeans are a trend from the 1990s. These are straight, wide-legged jeans with huge pockets that give a unique street-style look, as they are baggy and hence very comfortable. Take a break from those skinny jeans you struggle to get into and try this style instead. PS: The JNCO’s huge pockets will also help you to carry your oversized electronics everywhere.
How To Wear It: You don’t have to stress your brain for this one—you can simply pair the jeans with a loose tee or hoodie.

fashion rewind: trends that need to comeback: JNCO jeans

2) One-strap Overalls
We know overalls have made a comeback, but we’re talking about the one-strap variety. These were very famous in the mid-1990s, when they were mostly worn by hip-hop artists to give them a super-cool, sporty look. All you tomboys out there, we’re sure you cant wait for this one to come back.
How To Wear It: One-strap overalls can be worn with loose crop tops or printed T-shirts. For a scruffy look, wear it with a pair of smart sports shoes.

fashion rewind: trends that need to come back- one strap overalls

3) Shoulder Pads
In spite of originating way back in the 1930s, shoulder pads have been seen in various styles and worn by everyone, from Madonna to Rihanna. Although not universally popular, many people have found it helpful to shape the body. Shoulder pads can be used to balance your shoulders with wider hips.
How To Wear It: Blazers can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans and knee-high boots. A pair of sky-high heels would also give a sexy, elongated look.

fashion rewind: trends that need to comeback-shoulder pads

4) Concho Belts
If Jim Morrison can rock them, so can we. Originating in the 19th century, these belts have a continuous row of conchos and are sometimes backed by leather belts to give them an edgy twist. Conchos are highly decorated, especially in silver, giving them an ornamental look. Concho belts can be a classic jewellery piece for anyone who wants to add a vintage touch to their attire.
How To Wear Them: Concho belts look best with black dresses, but you can also wear them with blue jeans and an elegant turtleneck top.

fashion rewind: trends that need to comeback-concho belts

5) Headband Scarves
This is one of the most famous trends from the 1970s. Headbands and headscarves were initially used to protect the hair, but soon became a style statement. Moreover, they can be life savers on a bad hair day.
How To Wear It : You can wear this with your summer dresses and also with your classic formal attire.

fashion rewind: trends that need to comeback-head scraves

6) The Brown Lipstick
Reds and oranges for the lips can sometimes be too bright and bold. For those who like to keep it simple, a ’90s brown shade is the ideal beauty companion.
How To Wear It : A brown lipstick can be worn both during the day with casual dresses or in the evening to impart a classy look to your formal outfit.

fashion rewind: trends that need to comeback-brown lipstick

7) Platform Heels
Platform heels add grace to a woman’s personality. And back in the ’70s, they were a must-have for every woman. Originally made of wood, platform heels were comfortably placed at two to three inches, making them comfortable for women to walk in.
How To Wear Them: Spice up your look by wearing platforms with hot shorts and a casual tee. When worn with mini skirts, you’re sure to grab everyone’s attention as you hit the dance floor.

fashion rewind: trends that need a comeback-platform heels
Which one of these would you want to see a return of? Is there any other trend that you would love to wear again? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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