5 Signs You Need To Go Shopping NOW!

So you love your crisp white shirt and your classic black pants. But how often are you wearing them? Do you remember the last time you tried mixing prints or colour blocking? If you don’t, you’re stuck in a fashion rut. Here are 5 signs that tell you that you need to break up with your old wardrobe and go shopping—NOW.

fashion rut - deepika padukone

1. Your Closet is Full of Dull Colours

Diagnosis: You’ve been wearing the same neutral, black and maroon shades for all seasons—winter, summer or monsoon.

Rx: The fashion world has given us a palette of colours to choose from. Additionally, prints are painting the town red this season. Buy printed outfits in floral, checks and paisley patterns.

fashion rut  - prints and colours

2. You’ve Been Stuck on Staples For a While

Diagnosis: Denims, LBDs and classic shirts are versatile and ideal fashion staples for a busy morning. But you’ve worn them three times this week and four times last week!

Rx: Clean out your closet and find those outfits you bought from that super-cool exhibition or that vintage skirt you picked up from a flea market. Dare to wear them. If needed, plan your outfit a day in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.

fashion rut - no staples

3. You Have The Same Accessories Since 2005

Diagnosis: The only time you take off your diamond studs is when you bathe. And you haven’t shopped for new accessories in months.

Rx: Open that treasure box that’s been hiding in your cupboard. You are bound to find a few quirky necklaces, earrings, belts and bangles that you can wear with your everyday outfits. And if you don’t have a treasure chest, there’s always the option to shop online.

fashion rut  - awesome accessories

4. You’ve Made Flat Shoes Your Best Friend

Diagnosis: Yes, heels are bad for your back. But you’ve gone to another extreme and loaded your shoe closet with flat sandals—or worse, flip-flops.

Rx: Throw away those flip-flops—now! Make way for stylish wedges, kitten heels and stilettos. If you do prefer flats daily, experiment with printed ballerinas, strappy sandals and quirky sneakers.

fashion rut  - gorgeous shoes

5. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Changed Your Hairdo

Diagnosis: You’re addicted to tying buns and ponytails—even when the office air-conditioning is on full blast.

Rx: Try braids, different style of ponytails—or just leave your hair open sometime. There are some cool and funky hair accessories and hats out there to dress up your tresses.

fashion rut  - pretty hairstyles

Guilty of wearing the same clothes in loop? Go shopping and share your awesome picks with us.

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