Do Try This At Home: 10 Runway Fashion Trends To Use For Home Décor

As a lover of everything fashionable you keep track of all the latest trends, from runways and celebrity designers to the stars themselves. And while sporting these styles is fun, you can take this a notch higher and show your creativity by making your home modish too. We show you how to accommodate the latest fashion trends in your home and give it a stylish makeover.

1. Monochrome
Monochrome is a timeless style that can be easily pulled off by everyone and everything—including your home.
Make it Work: Using solid black and white colours for the home is common, but try using this trend on prints. Get chevron and other geometric prints to enhance the walls of your seating area. Create a contrast with other colours on your walls or flooring.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - monochrome
2. Colour Blocking
From celebrities to fashion bloggers, everyone is rocking this trend. Now try it for your home.
Make it Work: What can we say about colour blocking? It is the most versatile trend when it comes to the interiors of your house. Use it on curtains, the couch, bedding or even on your showpieces. We particularly love the colour blocking idea in the wall-furniture combo given below.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - colour blocking
3. Denim
Denim combos are all over the place. From overalls to jean bags, we are sure you love wearing the comfortable fabric and quirky designs. Can you rock it for your home too? Sure!
Make it Work: Denim may not be the ideal choice when it comes to home décor, but you can use it for accessories like throw pillows, tabletop covers and more.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - denim
4. Prints
Prints have stolen our hearts and they’re not going out of fashion anytime soon. So why not use this time to have some fun making your home your own giant canvas?
Make it Work: Take some tips from here ADD LINK! and learn how to combine prints for your abode. If you’re not feeling too experimental, go the easy way and combine prints with solid colours. A touch of floral or checks will bring a sense of fun to the room and break the monotony.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - prints
5. Fringe
Fringe is so ‘in’ this season and fashion-forward women are already collecting fringe bags, clothes and even shoes. But can you really get the fringe benefit at home? We think so.
Make it Work: You know the old-school tassels that your house had? Well, you can recycle them and add a wall hanging to give a classy boho look to your walls. If you’re feeling adventurous, get fringe ends on your curtains and bedsheets. It will instantly bring a fashionable vibe to your home.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - fringe
6. Metallic
A little bling never harmed anyone. In fact, it gives a chic look to a casual outfit. Why not get some shine into your house, too?
Make it Work: Showpieces and metallic frames are ideal to get this trend into your home. But why stop at that? Add accessories like throw pillows or some metallic prints to your couch. Feeling bold? Try dull silver or gold upholstery for your chairs and other seating furniture.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor- - metallic

7. Neon
Fluorescent pink, bright green and pop yellow have been running on the minds of designers this season. Get this look for your living room too.
Make it Work: Neon can be very tricky to pull off, whether in fashion or home décor; hence you need to be careful while trying this trend. The ideal way would be to colour block it with a neutral shade and use it for curtains, bedsheets and dining table accessories. If it’s too bright for your taste, use it in the form of light prints.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor- neon

8. Slogan
Slogan tees and tops are not reserved for teenagers. Celebrities and fashion bloggers are sporting this trend for a casual look. Create a fun, interesting space in your house using slogans and inspiring lines.
Make it Work: What better way than to get well-worded frames for your workstation at home or the dining area? Take it a notch higher and get inspiring slogans for your chairs, cushions, outdoor benches and quilts.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - slogan

9. Sheer
Love sheer? So do we. The see-through fabric not only creates a sultry look for the night, but also has a daytime job of making your homes look well-lit, pretty and classy.
Make it Work: Sheer works best when used as curtain material. And as a fashion-forward woman, you can combine it with metallic and neon fabrics to tone down the brightness.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - sheer

10. Lace
Lace outfits are just what you need for your bedroom. It is subtle and creates a dramatic effect if used well for your home.
Make it Work: Add a bit of lace to your curtains, bedsheets and quilt for a romantic feeling in your room. To get your homes ready for a fine evening, get dark coloured lace and use as pillow covers and dining cloth, or frame it in patches.

 Fashion Trends for Home Decor - lace

So all you fashion lovers, get your creative thoughts going and get magic into your home.

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