Fashion Weak? The Six Cardinal Sins Of Fashion

If you, much like half of the country, were inundated with fashion news all of last week; there are chances you’ve had an overdose. To some of us, Fashion Week is just something Madhur Bhandarkar portrays in his movies. It’s also why we know the word showstopper so well.

But the real question remains; how many of us really understand fashion? What we see on the runway isn’t really wearable most times…or is it? Don’t you worry child. You’re not the only one with these confused thoughts; we are in fact a whole breed. So I don’t claim to know my designers well and I don’t claim to be any sort of pro. But what I can tell you for sure are the major Fashion Don’ts, the Cardinal Sins of Fashion- just my little ode to all the girls who would hate to be known as Fashion-Weak.


Don’t Worry. We’ll Help You!

1)   One Bold Accessory At A Time

Is it my imagination or do we not know where to stop when it comes to accessorizing? If you are wearing what they call a ‘statement’ piece, then don’t wear any other flashy jewellery. So if your neon neckpiece compliments your black dress perfectly, don’t add diamond chandelier ear rings to your look. Unless you really want to look like a Christmas tree, in which case Congrats on looking just the part.


Thou Shall Not Overdo

2)   Stop With The Crop Top

I know they are all the rage right now. And your favourite shopping destination Forever 21 has been turned into a shrine for crop tops. But let’s face facts girls, they are not for all body types. I’m all for breaking fashion rules but having fat sticking out of your middle for all the world to see is almost as charming as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber put together . Yeah, I’m pretty sure you get the picture.


Please NOT

3)   Leggo Of The Leggings

I wish I knew who on earth gave people the idea that leggings can substitute pants. Very few women among us have twigs for thighs (thank God for that). And wearing leggings with a short top just does not look okay. God gave you thighs so you can enjoy the perks of a shapely figure. But nowhere did it say that camel-toe* is okay!

*Aware that some of you may not know what this means. Please look it up. I can’t possibly teach you everything, can I?

Sonakshi Sinha at Lootera Bash

Let’s Not Copy Sonakshi Okay?

4)   Make Up Rules

Smokey eyes look great but then you aren’t the lead actress in Memoirs Of A Geisha so please avoid red lips and pink cheeks along with dramatic eyes. There is such a thing as a day look and night look. Those fashion magazine people are not trying to fool you. And while everyone is using words like metallic and pops of colour, please note that not even half of these are appropriate day wear, especially at work.


Story Of Our Lives Eh?

5)   Balance Those Colours

No I don’t live under a rock. I have indeed heard that wearing contrasting colours together is totally okay. And if you can pull that off with confidence, good on you girl. I’m sorry I grew up in the 90s and too many bright colours together just reminds me of Govinda in a David Dhawan film. So for the rest of us, go bright, but let’s balance it. You know the easiest way to pull off any trend is to stay safe while doing it. So wear tangerine but pair it with white, beige or black. Same actually goes for any trend. Wear muted shades to make a successful statement out of any look you’d like to pull off. The key is balance, don’t hue think?


Govinda Was Doing It Way Back In The 90s 

6)   Ditch The Fake Designer Wear

My fingers pick up pace and type this rather furiously because it’s something I feel very strongly about. This is the epitome of wrong, it’s the Rajnikanth of all fashion disasters. It’s huge and it cannot be ignored. I simply do not understand why your bag must be a Louis Vuitton, and a fake one at that. I don’t want to say too much and I don’t want to offend anyone either. Let’s just say there are plenty of original options, Indian brands and designers to shop from within your budget. I know you’d like to believe that only you know it’s fake. But that’s not true at all, I’m afraid everyone knows. So just start afresh now, clean slate, and repeat after me ‘I will not wear fake designer brands’. There, so much better.


Sorry To Break It To You Hun: People Can Tell.

Treat this like your self-help guide, be patient, take it slow and steady and put one fashionable foot forward at a time. You are now so much closer to fashion nirvana than you know. Please feel free to add points. Or if you disagree, that’s cool too. Let this be a dialogue, a very stylish one at that.

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