6 Fashionable Accessories To Pretty Up Your Gadgets

Whether it’s uploading images on Instagram or following news on Twitter, we’re always connected to our gadgets. Don’t you wish there was a way to dress them up just like you dress up yourself? We bring you six fashionable gadgets and tech accessories that will change the way you stay connected with the world.

1. Quirky Covers
Pick from a range of Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs designer covers for your lifeline— the phone and tablet. We recommend you check out the animal prints and colour block options available.

fashionable gadgets - covers

Get these chic covers here and here.

2. Fun USB Drives
Head to any local market and get a host of bejewelled USB drives. Store your data in style with these bracelets, necklaces and keychain charms.

fashionable gadgets - USB drives

3. Gadget Jewellery
Wear a trendy watch and gorgeous pieces of jewellery that doubles up as a mini phone. Check out Ezio’s range of Bluetooth-enhanced bracelets, necklaces and watches. It shows alerts and notifications and even helps you find your phone when it is lost. Ideal for a drunken night out!

fashionable gadgets - jewellery

Buy gorgeous gadget jewellery here.

4. Audio Clutch
Went to a party where the speakers went off? No point sulking about it. Carry your own set of speakers in your clutch. Stellé Audio Couture has designer clutches with inbuilt speakers in them. Just right for your travel and party time. Additionally, get these beaded and bejewelled earphones by Ladybug to make your daily commute more fun.

fashionable gadgets - earphones and clutch speakers

Get your hand on this classy clutch speaker here and buy beaded earphones here.

5. Wrist Phone
Convert your watch into an iPod or smartphone by getting these smart watches and accessories from Ezio—we’re sure you won’t be let down.

fashionable gadgets - wrist smart watches

Enhance your wrist with smart watches. Buy them here.

6. Geeky Glasses
Be a true yet trendy geek with the Google Glass. Designer Diane von Furstenburg partnered with Google to make this gadget a stylish item for fashion-forward women.

fashionable gadgets -  Google Glass

Hope you’re already saving up to get one of these cool tech items. Let us know if you have any more fun things to add to the list.

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