Being Fashionable At The Gym? No Sweat!

Okay, so you’re totally killing it with your new fitness regime… now if only you didn’t look like a hot mess while you’re at it. Right? The Fashion Gods have answered your prayers: sportswear brands are combining fashion and fitness like never before to give you pieces that are trendy, even outside the gym.
You make a style statement everywhere you go, so why should the gym be an exception? Sport these latest trends and make heads turn while you burn those calories!

The gym is probably the safest place to introduce some neon in your wardrobe. But the golden rule remains the same: less is more. Try not to have more than one neon element in your outfit, be it in shoes, sports bra, shorts or a dash on your track pants.

Fashionable at the gym and neon sports bra
Make it work:
  To avoid being an eyesore, experiment with neon accessories. Nothing brightens up a drab running tracksuit like some neon sweat bands. But remember, never OD on the neon; if your shoes are neon green, tone it down with a grey/black/blue outfit. If you’re wearing a neon sports bra, wear it with a scoop-neck tee or racerback.
Go get ‘em: Nike Free Run, Victoria’s Secret Sport Collection, Reebok

Fashionable at the Gym and Neon shoes


Who said grunge was the unofficial dress code while working out? Embrace your flirty feminine side with some flower power in your sportswear. Perfect for summer, this trend packs in tons of colour, energy and youthfulness… a definite must-have if you’re trying to score some points with the cute men at your fitness studio.

Fashionable at the Gym and Floral gymwear
Make it work:
 Obviously the aim is to not look like you are a character out of Alice in Wonderland—so don’t even think of wearing more than one floral printed item in your outfit. If your jacket has flowers on it, wear a solid colour T-shirt and track pants or shorts. If your shorts sport the trend, then pair it with a white or beige T-shirt for a breezy summer vibe. This trend only works if you pair it up with something neutral; no one can pull of a floral tee and side-striped track pants.
Go get ‘em: Adidas Floralina Collection, Nike Liberty Collection, Gap and Vera Wang

Animal Prints
If you’re not afraid to experiment, channelise your wild side with some animal-print sports apparel and accessories that not only make a bold statement but also ooze style. A sure-shot way to grab attention, wearing animal-printed sports gear says a lot about your personality as well. Super confident, edgy and fearless… now who can say no to that?

GymMake it work: The key is to find something that suits your personality. Cheetah- or leopard-printed capri leggings work with a simple black sports bra or racerback. If you want something minimalistic, an animal-print wristband or a pair of sneakers with an animal’s face on it could make a statement. But if you’re not one to hold back, flaunt a pair of sport shoes in an animal’s shape and colour (yes, they are actually available!)
Go get ‘em: Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, Kappa, Victoria’s Secret Sport Collection
Fashionable at the Gym and Leopard Print Shoes
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