Fashioning Up With A Crow

Enough of telling you about boy brands that are about funny, quirky, awesome, *insert other adjectives* clothes. We now tell you of a girl brand that is the latest one to have caught our fancy!
To match the loca shenanigans that all us ladies indulge in from time to time, we give you Crow, a brand that introduces female apparel with a twist. A little something for everybody, Crow has sheer and shimmer, polka dots and cut-out hearts, big bows and more! There are simplistic patterns for those who love to stick to basics and complex cuts, patches and prints for those who are fond of the bold and beautiful. And for those who like to experiment, they’ve also introduced old-school Indian prints such as Kalamkari, Shibori and Indigo dyes in contemporary designs. All this and more, but the fact remains that they are hell-bent on redefining women’s fashion. So, each of their clothing will have a tiny detail such as a cut, a patch of pocket, a couple of ruffles or even just asymmetrical hemlines that the outfit will beautifully own up to.
They customize to an extent that you can send them your measurements and they will have your fave pick fitting you like a glove. They also have little surprises time and again such as a sleeveless dress that sleeves could be added to, a reversible vest or if an outfit has flown off the shelf they will get it back if you so desire.
Flirty, feminine and you, Crow clothing promises to show you a newer way of playing dress up while staying true to what you are. Like they say, it is about being free yet expressing yourself in the best way you can.
To view their apparel, visit their website by clicking here. You can also reach them at 7878204446 or 9323380902 or write to them at
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