Fastrack Wallet Grey Sold Out

Fastrack Wallet Grey

Brand: Fastrack
Price: Rs. 1295
When she jumps in the air with the epee pointed towards her opponent, it seems like a Samurai has risen from the dark. She practices the fencing sport every morning, after which she changes, grabs her Fastrack Wallet – For Women from the locker and heads to her office. This wallet is her favourite, as it is made of leather it is durable and will last her for a long time. She holds the wallet without much hassle as it measures 97 x 180 x 21 mm in dimension. When she is in a hurry she just slides this wallet into her back pocket, which becomes easy with the bi-fold design of this accessory. What pushed her to pick up this wallet are the metal rivet details on this Fastrack Wallet – For Women. She juggles work and her interests with thorough perfection and precision. The flap-over closure of this wallet keeps her possessions safely encased within. She is a trained epeeist and she takes pride in it. Some day she wants to be capable enough to represent her country. As she is targeting the body of her opponent with the epee, everybody including her trainer, are in awe of her skills and style. She carries this wallet to semi-casual occasions. 

Color Grey