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You know you’re a wine lover when you wish there was a website that could tell you all about this divine grape juice, give you a wide range of wines to choose from and deliver the bottle to your doorstep. Your wish is my command, says The Wine Kart.
This online wine store that sells only in Mumbai (hopefully they will expand) will make wine shopping fun, easy and informative. Whether you’re an amateur or a connoisseur, The Wine Kart will help you select the best bottle for the occasion and taste. With wine search based on types, countries, regions, grapes and prices, they have covered everything you need to know before buying the right bottle for yourself or your friends. You can choose from a wide range of wines and get more detailed information about the alcohol content, ageing potential of the wine, food pairing and much more.
You can choose your wine depending on how you like it: aromatic, full or light bodied, sweet, crisp, flavourful, etc and can also avail their monthly deals. The website’s Mixed Cases category is quite interesting as it lets you experiment and try new wines that come in packs of 6 bottles with an assortment of different tastes and regions. There is also an option to buy stylish wine accessories like storage units and wine cellars.
And of course, to keep yourself up-to-date on everything that has got to do with this blissful drink, you can browse through their Discover Wines section.
The Wine Kart delivers only in Mumbai and can be contacted by sending an email to
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