Five Cooking Apps You Should Download Right Now

I will never forget the day my uncle asked me for a cup of tea. Unfortunately the cook had just gone on his break, and he looked surprised as I, who would never step into the kitchen except to heat a glass of water for my green tea, replied, “Sure, I’ll make it for you”. He looked at me suspiciously, only knowing me too well, and asked, “You know how to?” I simply shrugged, “I’ll google it.”

Well, we’ve come a long way, haven’t we? It’s not just about search anymore. We’ve found some awesome apps that will come to your rescue, be it for a simple cuppa or a complicated recipe. Tech addicts and foodies, here we go! You’ll want to download these cooking apps right away.

1. Epicurious

Supposedly the first serious cookbook app on iOS, Epicurious is bursting with over tens of thousands of recipes from the original website. For the newbie chefs we suggest you pick the categories, “fast and fresh” or “I can barely cook” for a speedier kitchen stay. For the pros, well you can show off with the exhaustive baking section. Let us see you nail that quiche!

USP: Clean and simple layout with large and well-spaced text and a shopping list tool that lets you plan your meals days in advance.

Price: Free

Get it Here

2. Big Oven

mini-fruit-tarts-filled-with-a-lemoBecause you can’t let go of a deal where you download a free app that offers over 200,000 recipes to choose from! Most of the recipes are easy-to-cook meals that don’t require a lengthy list of ingredients. The layout is clean and fuss-free with big push buttons for when you have your hands covered in oil and need to tap on a tab.

USP: Plan your meals way in advance by dragging and dropping recipes onto a calendar for a day, a week or a month.

Price: Free

Get it Here

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