5 Cool Prints You MUST Add To Your Wardrobe

The ‘it’ thing to have this summer for all your fashion woes is a really fun, quirky print. Be it moustache prints, quirky pouts, or the bird prints that took over a chunk of space on the shelves, it’s time you caught on with the printy trend and added a dash of it to your wardrobe.

The Classic Stripe Print

The Classic Stripes

There’s nothing quite like classic nautical stripes. They add immense length to your looks and if you know how to pair them correctly with metallic accents, you can look super chic. If you know how to pick the right colour for your skin tone, these can be a burst of fresh air, too.
Style Tip: If you’re slightly broad around your hips or shoulders, avoid wearing horizontal stripes.

That Trippy Print

The Trippy Print

Something that definitely makes you turn around and look at it for the second time. These super stylish, trippy prints are the kind of thing you don’t want to see when you’ve just woken up in the morning, but definitely something you’ll want to be spotted in in the ‘street style’ section of a fashion magazine.
Style Tip: If you’re carrying a statement bag or wearing an outfit with a busy print, avoid adding prints to other parts of your look as you will be overdoing it.

The Aztec Print

The Aztec Print

The aztec trend may have been around for a while now, but it isn’t anywhere close to dying out anytime soon. Be it monochrome, ombré or a multicoloured piece of garment or accessory that you own, this is surely something your wardrobe is incomplete without.
Style Tip: This is one of the few prints that you don’t have to think twice about while mixing it up with another one; let go of your inhibitions and play mix up.

The Palette Cleansing Print

Palette Cleansing

Now this may not be an individual print style, but it’s pretty interesting: find an accessory or a piece of clothing that looks amazing, makes a statement, has a print, all in hues from the same family. In this case, the laptop sleeve is mixed with stripes from the same palette—oranges, corals and then the whites to break it all up. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?
Style Tip: Don’t maintain continuity while wearing something like this. If your top is all the same palette, make sure you break it with your pants; and vice-versa.

The Polka Dot Print

The Polka Dot

Evergreen, really. This retro print is never really going to die out. You can have it in your clothes, shoes—and even lingerie.
Style Tip: Go all out. This one is a no holds barred—dare to reinvent it.

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