3 Ways to Fix Bad Hair Colour

Upcoming birthday, special surprise for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, change of look, we never run out of reasons to enjoy a nice makeover at the salon. Cut, colour and styling changes almost any kind of look. However, what if your dream makeover became your hair nightmare? Your fresh red streaks turned into orange mess, or the blond look became greyish? Not only would your money go down the drain, but also you would have to carry that horrid look around for months.

Fix bad hair colour

Ideally, you must be extremely careful before any chemical treatment for your hair. But, if things do get worse, we offer a few ways in which you may fix your hair after the colouring mess. Take a look at the 3 easy ways to fix bad hair colour.


Once you wash off your colour and blow dry your hair, you will exactly know how your hair looks. If the results are not as desired try to wash it again, this time with a harsh anti-dandruff shampoo. This will wash off excess colour from your hair and lighten the chemicals. Stay away from conditioner during his process, as it tends to protect the colour instead of removing it.

Fix bad hair colour


A good way to get rid of that pesky red, orange or blond is by using de-colouring hair products. These may be slightly expensive but are known to be a stylists well kept secret. Try L’Oreal’s Haircolor Remover. It removes permanent and temporary colour, leaving your hair close to the original shade.

Fix bad hair colour


Another option is to colour your hair in a shade that close to your original hair shade. Do this on the top of your messy chemical treatment. However, this is not exactly foolproof, so it is best to try the above methods first.

Fix bad hair colour

Do you have any other ways in which you have fixed your bad hair colour? Let us know.

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